Changing Classrooms in a Positive Way

Many parents can feel anxious about sending their little ones off to school and are always left wondering about their child’s day. Sure, they see the papers the child did while at school and also can stay involved through the quarterly parent/teacher conferences, but many parents still feel like they really miss out on what their child is doing in school. Teachers also can feel a disconnect with the parents as they have many students and cannot take the time out of their day to speak to each parent individually. ClassDojo is changing all of this and is leaving many parents and teachers happy with the connection they can make where the child is concerned. In turn, this also helps the child function better in school and it provides a continuity of the child’s education between the teacher and parent.

Having the ability to share photos and videos of the child’s day to the parents can help the teacher feel more in touch with the parents and vice versa. ClassDojo gives the parents the chance to see their child actually stand in front of the class and give that book report or work that math problem where the parents have never been able to this before short of actually going and sitting in the classroom.

It is no wonder that ClassDojo is now in two-thirds of all classrooms across the United States and is growing. This app is a fantastic way for parents and teachers to communicate and stay on the same level when it comes to the child’s education. There is also a calendar where teachers can post upcoming events so parents will never feel left out and miss important things coming up.

Technology can be an ideal tool when it comes to education and ClassDojo is on the forefront of this. Parents can feel more confident in their child’s learning experience and teachers can feel more of a connection with the parents. This in turn all works out for the best interest of the child in the long run and enhances their education. No longer will you need to wait for your child to get home to school to know what they did that day. Being able to see your child doing their work and being able to help your child improve in certain areas can make you feel more confident as a parent that you are contributing more to their education.
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Class Dojo Promotes a Positive Classroom Culture

Mojo is lime green, gently lovable, and frustrated when learning doesn’t come easy. Sky-blue Katy has one large and friendly eye, a sweet and helpful personality, is a whiz at arithmetic, but becomes discouraged when an art project doesn’t go her way. Miss Clara is a former research scientist turned art teacher. Fire-engine-red Bruce is a quiet guy who’s there to help.
These are some of the characters inhabiting the world of Class Dojo, a vibrant classroom communication platform that has been working positive and lasting changes in public schools in both America and abroad. The makers of Class Dojo have taken as their goal a ground-up change in the classroom, creating a positive culture by creating community among students, teachers, and parents. Through community, connection is effected and empowerment takes place.
Class Dojo is an app that works on a smart phone or tablet. The app allows the teacher instantly reward students displaying target behaviors such as curiosity, teamwork, helpfulness, and persistence. Students respond to this instant communication in a positive way, recognizing that their efforts have been noticed by the teacher and made aware of the kinds of behavior that they want to work toward. And because parents can get instant access to these communications as well, they can monitor their children’s progress and reinforce it later at home.
Teachers adapt Class Dojo’s communication platform to meet the needs of their classrooms. The app comes with a number of behaviors already programmed in it, but teachers have the option to add their own to the list. Teachers just add the students’ names, and the app is ready to go. During class, when the teacher notes a behavior that he or she feels deserves to be rewarded, a point can be given to the student; there is a function that allows several students or even the entire class to be rewarded at the same time if they have been working together.
Class Dojo app is designed to be friendly and fun for students. They are each given a monster avatar, which they can manipulate and even change if the teacher gives them the “secret code” that allows them to design their own personal monster. Earning points, and seeing a daily record of positive behavior, is ample reward. But even more important is the focus upon “growth mindset’ that is intrinsic to Class Dojo. At the basis of the app is the belief that, if students understand how intellectual growth happens, they are more likely to be willing to make the effort to learn, even when it’s difficult for them.