Assisted Living Facilities That Provide Excellent Care 24/7


Have you ever wished that you had help caring for your elderly love ones? Is the burden of a sick loved one weighing heavily on your mind? Well the services of assisted living homes may be just the remedy you and your family needs to make it through the other side. These places provide a comprehensive and tailored care plan for your loved one. They provide a safe place for elderly people to congregate and fellowship with one another in games and activities also.
If your elderly person is suffering from loneliness or feelings of embarrassment due to dementia or some other disorder then assisted living can help them restore a sense of normalcy and independence to their lives. The nursing and care staff provide one on one attention to their patients ensuring that no person gets left behind in the shuffle. Gone are the days of assisted living just providing end of life care.

The Manse on Marsh is an excellent choice for an assisted living facility for your loved one. This place includes hotel like suites for independent living as well as cottages outfitted with every amenity at your fingertips. There is also a movie theater on site so that your loved one can watch all of the old time good movies in the privacy of the campus grounds.

The Manse on Marsh offers daily activities such as exercise classes monthly and outings to basketball games played in the local community. If you want your loved one to experience vibrant living then this is the Manse on Marsh is the place for them to grow while receiving round the clock care from a 24/7 RN there to meet any need should they arise with your loved one. Don’t just live, thrive here by experiencing rooftop dining and luxury all nestled within the quiet confines of this great place. Dissolve your worries away and visit this outstanding assisted living place today.  They have a contact page online, or can be easily reached through social media whether on Facebook, or the official Twitter page @TheManseonMarsh.