The Emergence of an Electric Powered Plane

Imagine the existence of a plane that could be powered from an electric socket, with electric engines that are quite enough not to bother the neighbors and with the ability to take from just anywhere like a garden. That’s the vision of a start company established by four Munich University graduates; Patrick Nathen, Matthias Meiner, Daniel Wiegand and Sebastian Born.

Lilum (the name of the company) is in the process of developing an egg-shaped two-seater aircraft that would take off and descend vertically, pretty much like a helicopter via the use of helipads. It will require a flat area of approximately 15 by 15 meters to ascend as well as land. The aircraft is only at its prototype stage though its high-tech engineers predict that it could reach a super speed of 400 kilometers per hour with a range of 500 kilometers.

According to European Space Agency (ESA), who currently host the company, the goal of the company will involve building an aircraft that doesn’t require the expensive and sophisticated infrastructure of an airport. The aircraft will be environmentally friendly, reducing pollution and noise associated with traditional plane engines making it the perfect fit for urban areas.

CNN reports that the aircraft will use electric ducted fan engines, which according to its engineers, will render it a lot quieter than traditional jets or helicopters. It compact size will mean that it wouldn’t have to fit in an airport tight schedules when taking off or landing.

What is even more convenient is that even though its price tag is yet to be unveiled, ESA confirms that the aircraft will be cheaper than similar small sized airplanes already existing in the market.