Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is international fellowship based in Los Angels California. The center was launched with the aim of providing courses on the Zohar the sacred text of the Kabbalah wisdom and Kabbalistic teachings based on online platforms well as regionally established centers and study groups where members are provided with lectures, books, prayer service DVS among other materials aimed at improving the quality of humanity.The students were introduced to the knowledge of Jewish text and Hebrews to bring about prerequisite understanding.

From the studies, students of Kabbalah have greatly reaped sorts of benefits from the fellowship including spiritual development, exchange of ideas among others. The non-profit organization was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Since its foundation, the center has been spreading theme every individual was born with the capacity for greatness, and that’s what they have been trying to activate among its followers. The mission behind the establishment of the fellowship was to bring forward clarity, freedom, and understanding among the humanity. You can also find the team of Kabbalah : http://teamkabbalah.com/

The center registers individuals from diverse ethnicity, culture, and race as students to study the world and guide others. Kabbalah has cemented beliefs in astrology, and they emphasized that astrology was an element of Judaism. Astrology was mostly studied by Jewish scholars who were at middle ages despite great opposition from great thinkers and philosophers such as Maimonides. Away from Judaism the center as well teaches Klippot. The concept that outlines that one has a direct relationship with the spiritual world. Through the study of Kabbalah, Klippot was removed through violence and added through negative behavior. Due to its outstanding performance, Kabbalah center is the currently the leading multinational specializing in spreading the Kabbalah wisdom. After founding Kabbalah center in 1922 Rav Yehuda was succeeded by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein, he continued to implement strategies of Ashlag till his demise in 1969 when his responsibilities were transferred to the current director Rav Berg and his wife, Karen Berg.

José Borghi is Among Brazil’s Most Creative Publicists

Advertiser José Borghi, born in Presidente Prudente and founder of the Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe Brasil, formerly known as Borghi Lowe, was named among the twenty most important creative minds in Brazil. The magazine GQ Brazil, originally known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly, published a list in April 2015 of the country’s twenty most influential advertisers. The executive Borghi was ranked number nine.

José Borghi’s appearance among the most creative Brazilian advertisers was due to several reasons, including his efficiency for launching successful campaigns. Who can forget Parmalat’s famous campaign, where children appeared dressed as stuffed animals or the most popular jingle in Brazilian cuisine “É o amor” created for the seasoning Sazón? Both works are creations of Borghi who decided in his third year of high school to pursue a career in advertising and publicity. He was influenced by his sister, Irma, who took him to Castro Neves Theater to see a presentation of commercials awarded at the Festival de Cannes, the most important and prestigious festival of audiovisual production in the world.

The current Co-Chief Executive Officer of Mullen Lowe Brazil graduated in advertising from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. He began his career in 1989 at the Standard Ogilvy agency, then went through the offices of Talent, FCB, DM9/DDB, and Leo Burnet, gaining professional experience from major agencies in the country, until he decided to become a respected businessman along with his partner Erh Ray. The two founded the BorghiErh ad agency in December 2002 and set up to work in Erh’s backyard.

Four years later, in 2006, BorghiErh was bought by the foreign network Lowe due to its success. The company’s prosperity continued. From 2008 to 2009 the net revenue grew by 98 percent. The former agency reached fourth place among the largest advertising companies, according to a survey released by the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and statistics of the largest market research companies in Latin America.However, Erh Ray left the business shortly after that and it was José Borghi who assumed the presidency of what was then known as Borghi Lowe. After new mergers with Lowe Network, the agency became known by its current name, Mullen Lowe Brasil. Nowadays, publicist Borghi serves as the agency’s CEO, focusing on innovation and creativity, alongside Brazilian publicist Andre Gomes, who takes care of the managerial aspects of the company.It cannot be argued that José Borghi’s visionary and creative mind has played an indispensable role in the growth and success of Mullen Lowe Brasil.