Should You Worry About the Evernote Update?

Should You Worry About the Evernote Update?
Mobile applications are always undergoing various updates from time to time. From games receiving extra levels to technical bugs being worked out, these updates are usually a process that users have come to expect. However, a beloved notebook app, Evernote, has decided to do more than just update their software code. No, they have decided to start charging customers a premium.
Who Will Have to Pay?
Evernote is actually available on nearly every electronic device that runs a modern day operating system, including tablets, smartphones, and personal computers. It is a program that people use to keep track of nearly every possible aspect of their lives, from school notes to grocery lists. This is what makes the change to the payment system so despairing. The company behind Evernote is requiring users to purchase an Evernote Plus monthly subscription to have access to their notes on more than two devices.
Will People Pay?
Another sad fact is that Evernote could possibly already hold large amounts of a person’s personal information, and it could be something that their lives revolve around on a daily basis. It can be used for the simple things like creating a to-do list, or for the more advanced tasks of jotting down notes in a conference meeting at work. Do these people really have the option to not subscribe to Evernote? This happens to raise the question: should companies be able to do this? What choice would people have if their email clients decided to start charging a monthly subscription tomorrow? Is there no protection from these companies suddenly charging for options that used to be free?