The Facebook Video Views Controversy

Facebook has found itself mired in another controversy. At the center of the new controversy is the issue of video views. All videos posted on Facebook present a log of view numbers so the person who posted the videos knows how many people have seen it.

Reports are emerging that Facebook inflated the number of video views. This has been going on for about two years.

Video stats are important to people who use Facebook for promotions. Marketing on Facebook allows entrepreneurs to reach large audiences and video views help gauge whether or not their promotional strategies are working. Inaccurate views are not exactly going to be helpful.

Even those who do not post videos for business purposes do want the view stats to be accurate. Why the person is posting the video is not important. What is important is someone looking for accurate statistics does receive figures that are truly honest.

The way the views were logged contributed to the weird stats. A video only needed to be viewed for three seconds in order to be logged. Those who briefly looked at a video and departed were counted as viewers. Yes, even someone who only checked the video for four seconds was logged.

The threshold was ridiculously low, but this is the way things worked on Facebook for two years. All that is going to change now thanks to the revelations that have likely proven equal parts annoying and disappointing to many.

Facebook is often viewed “merely” as a social media site. It is more than that. Facebook is a huge multi-billion dollar business. The business model is based on providing a reliable communications medium for its members. With reports of false and inaccurate stats, the entire concept of the platform being reliable is brought into question. Facebook surely does not want that to be the case. To calm concerns of members, the management of Facebook has issued statements saying the integrity of the video views will be better maintained.

Facebook, of course, will rebound from the bad press about the video views controversy. Members are going to be forgiving about such things. As long as Facebook is able to avoid any more controversies over the course of the next few months, the company’s brand should remain unscathed.