Sam Tabar: A Preeminent Attorney and Private Investor

One of the greatest professional accomplishments by Sam Tabar is making a successful career change from law practice to financial management. He is a trained lawyer who had worked at some of the best law practices. However, he made a career shift and ventured in financial management.

As a financial manager, the New York-based attorney filled in several management positions successfully. To further highlight his commitment to the new career, Sam combined his law skills with corporate management skills to build a name for himself especially while working at Sparx Group.

He steered the company global success like a seasoned professional in the industry. During his tenure as the company’s managing director, Sparx Group broke into the global marketing with it new marketing initiatives. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

More appealing is the fact that he was hired by Merrill Lynch to spearhead the success of company’s capital strategy department in charge of Asia-Pacific markets. One of the driving factors of his success at the company is his mastery of Japanese.

This enabled him connect with clients in these regions thereby helping the company establish a significant presence in the region. These achievements have come while the multilingual attorney is still continuing with his career in law.

Why Chose Sam Tabar

Hiring Sam Tabar as a financial management comes with three advantages. First, he is an experienced lawyer. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Oxford University and Columbia Law School where he was successfully completed his LLM degree studies.

His financial advisory therefore comes with legal perspective. Secondly, he holds a business administration degree from Oxford University. Lastly, he is a multilingual investor with experience working for some of the leading multinationals in the industry. These factors give him a deep perspective in market operations.

Social Media Presence

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is an avid social media user especially Facebook where he documents some aspects of his life including places he dines or visits while on holiday and work related activities. He also likes sharing interesting videos and articles or links to such articles.

These articles touch on a wide array of topics beyond his two professions. Some of these articles offer financial investment advice; a trend that is repeated on his Twitter handle.