US Money Reserve’s E-Commerce Website for Precious Metals

The US Money Reserve has changed the way it does business. The company has launched an e-commerce website; the new website is for the rare and unique type of gold and silver and platinum coin. The site offers an excellent user-friendly experience using rich, intuitive features and complete product information. This is a new business approach adopted by the United States Money Reserve. The site is meant to reflect the new face of the company as the leader in the precious metals industry. This feature shows that core principle of the firm that is trust and commitment to customer satisfaction.



The firm’s online presence redesign includes appealing new photography of the brand’s recognized and distinguished leader, the current president of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, and the new Coin Gallery. The primary aim of the website is to educate the site visitors regarding the benefits of acquiring government-issued bullion and also to offer excellent consumer experience while buying the precious metals. According to the Ryan Buchanan, the firm has a tool that is fully responsive that enables the company to come up with quality materials across all platforms, further interact the company’s client, and give a chance of the potential customers across the globe to purchase the products through the company secure online storefront. Buchanan who is the VP of Brand and Creative supervised the entire process of the redesign, the process also included the implementation of several new applications and features that will educate the consumer and make purchase process to be efficient.



One most critical service provided by the online shop is real-time competitive pricing on silver and gold bullion and bars. Other optional services offered by the U.S Money Reserve includes a unique product that meant for discerning precious metals purchaser and PCGS certified coins. One of the actions that the potential customer can take is to signing up for firm’s information platform and visit the Knowledge Center for real-time updates on the expensive metals and terms related to grading, coin minting, and purchasing. The updates concerned with the precious metals is available via the Full Headline Gold New Room.



Though U.S. Money Reserve is a private company, it is one of the largest distributors of U.S. government issued gold, platinum product and silver. The company has experienced growth since its founding in 2001. This success has led it to become the world’s most successful private seller of precious metals. The company is relied upon by thousands of client across the country to spread the scope of their assets with U.S. precious metals such as gold and silver coins.

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VTA Publications: Are You Going Through the Motions?

So often in life, we see people that seem to have lost that passion, that fire, and that excitement for living. It is almost like they are just going through the motions without really feeling anything. What a terrible way that would be to live, where you don’t feel anything and just parade around life without any feelings or experiencing joy and pain. It is important to feel all of the emotions of life, good and bad. They help make you a better person in the long run and prepare you for whatever life throws at you. You are battle tested and have seen it all, done it all, and can say I can handle this, no matter how big or small it is.

VTA is a company that is all about innovation, excitement, and building for the future. This is definitely a company that is not going through the motions and not just resting on their laurels. They are always looking for ways to expand, grow, and build their brand. Most importantly, they are looking for ways to help you and help the world we live in, each and every day. Now, that is a company I can get behind and support, without a shadow of a doubt.

They help people to learn and what is more important than learning? If we aren’t learning, we fall into that zombie mentality, which is a horrible way to live one’s life. StreetWiseNews says they use both digital and physical formats, so depending on what you are comfortable with, you can use it and make the most out of it. That’s the beauty of their products. It is all about what suits you and what type of learner you are. Not everyone is the same. That is a good thing. If everyone looked and sounded the same, what a boring world we would live in!

VTA Publications helps in economics and finance, which is something we could all learn to use a little bit something about it, that is for sure. The more we learn, the better off we are in the long run. Plus, they want to make sure that you have the money you need to have a future that is worry-free, relaxed, and easy to enjoy. They have years of experience, are incredibly polite, and there for you, through thick and thin. This is the kind of company that you want to do business with.  They have a shop for just that in fact.