Why is Kabbalah so Big Among Celebrities

Hollywood is a funny thing. Once someone jumps on board with something, everyone else has to too. Some do it because they are interested in a legit way. Others do it simply to be part of the crowd. The study of Kabbalah is no different.

Kabbalah Centre actually was an interest to many people, long before Hollywood got its hooks into it. When Madonna began studying it, suddenly it became front page news. Britney Spears made a few visit to the center and than she was labelled as a “follower”, even though that was not the case at all. Pars Hilton made just one visit and she got the same label. If you speak to anyone who studies it, Paris is not even a devotee. She was just there for one visit.

This is what happens. It just takes someone legit to make the news, than everyone after that is considered to be part of it too.

So what gives? Why is it legit for some and not for others?

“Those who come to us want to look at the deeper meanings of life, ask the hard questions. Find out their true purpose. Find out how to get closer to God, you know that sort of thing. Now there are different roads to do this. There are come centers who do it just for the money, taking the truth about Jewish mysticism and exploit it for their own gain. If you really want to study this branch of spiritualism, you need to look for something that is not routed in money. Those who do not ask for money, they are the ones who truly give the name of Kabbalah it’s truth”.

In Hollywood, everything comes at a price. Now there are some stars who do study it for real. They are others who are simply looking to improve their own image, by attaching their star to this spiritual path. Some feel that just by running your hands across some Jewish text, your subconscious will pick it up. By doing this, you will be more closely connected to your true image and to God.

Others say this is garbage. The only way you can be truly connected is to be truly genuine in your actions and your spiritual path. The true Study of Kabbalah teaches us this. You don’t have to be part of the image making machine of Hollywood or pay a lot of money to do this either.

As someone once said:

Hollywood is all about image. What is better than an image that is routed to be closely connected to God?

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