Whitney Wolfe Entices Singles with Bumble

There is a certain amount of intrigue that comes with the online dating apps. Many people are downloading these app based dating programs to their phones and this is working out much better than meeting people in person. Whitney Wolfe has been aware of the phenomenon in app based dating, and she wanted to put her own unique spin on this with Bumble. This is the app that allows women to take charge. It gives females the ability to sort out who they are actually interested in without getting tons of creepy messages from man that they are not interested in at all.

Some people may rationalize that there are more than enough apps for people to utilize already. This did not deter Whitley wolf from entering this competitive market and bringing her own ideal to the table. Whitney Wolfe was confident that Bumble would work because she had already experimented with another successful app call Tinder. She was the co-founder of Tinder, and there have even been celebrities that have taken a liking to this free app based dating application.

“Whitney Wolfe describes Bumble, her delightfully vibrant dating app, more like a 2 p.m. spin class than a 2 a.m. dingy nightclub.” – Read More.

What both of these apps show users is that Whitney Wolfe is someone that has a voice in the app dating industry. There are so many other entrepreneurs that are behind the scenes that are just following what everyone else is doing. Whitney Wolfe did not want to be a follower. She wanted to be a leader in this industry, and she has definitely carved out a name for herself in a way that sets her apart from the crowd.

This is what the dating app environment needed to entice people. Bumble is an app that allows users to have fun. That was missing, and Whitney Wolfe has done an excellent job of bringing fun back to online dating.

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