Yeonmi Park Finds Freedom After Defecting From North Korea

The problems facing the people of North Korea are often hidden from the world by the oppressive nature of the society and its extreme Communist leadership; a article details the important story of Yeonmi Park, a young woman who defected to South Korea after suffering human rights abuses at the hands of North Korean officials. The work Park has undertaken as a writer and public speaker has made her such a threat to the leaders of North Korea that officials have set out to distort the nature of her work in a bid to discredit her.

In her Amazon available memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” Yeonmi Park gives a graphic retelling of her escape across an icy river to enter China from North Korea and into the hands of human traffickers. The version of events told by Park has been held up to public scrutiny despite the embarrassment certain parts of the story have caused the young woman and her family.

The story of Yeonmi Park has become a major part of the fight against the North Korean regime, which includes the speech given by Park at the One world Summit becoming a viral YouTube hit. Park and her mother finally arrived in south Korea to find freedom after almost two years of traveling across China and other areas of Asia; the dangers of the journey saw Yeonmi Park’s father die from cancer left untreated and the disappearance of her sister for a number of months. Park according to the NK News said she has refused to give up the fight against the Communist regime of North Korea despite the continued attacks on her story from those sympathetic to the Communist government. Over the course of recent years she has combined her studies with her work as a human rights activist that sees her assist others in fighting for their freedom from closed societies around the world.