Google Discontinues Selling Nexus Player On Its Website With New Trends Emerging

The Nexus Player, the best TV media player by Google and Asus that never made it to the market. The Nexus Player was introduced in November 2014 and was one of the first Android TV devices and a more-than-capable device. However, despite the weight Google handed on this device, it has never hit the success projected especially when compared to other devices such as Chromecast. Google’s strategy was to show OEMs what they could do with the Android platform. However, it is also important to consider that Nexus Player was competing with the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other Android TV devices in the market.

If you haven’t used one, Nexus Player is an excellent way to stream shows such as the Netflix app and watching the YouTube videos while controlling the queue from using your phone’s YouTube app. Most users of the device are replacing it with the most recent Apple TV. However, this is not to say that Android TV has failed to be competitive in the market. Google has instead sort to release and iterate updates for its TV operating system. The idea is to target new devices running the Android TV.

The recent trend is the Sony’s smart TVs that now comes with Android TV. The French ISPs such as Bouygues Telecom are offering their customers with Android TV boxes. Nvidia Shield is coming with new trends that will allow users to have more control with Android TV. Xiaomi just unveiled the MI TV that can only be compared with 4K Nexus Player. Although Google has stopped selling the Nexus Player on its website, new trends will make Android TVs even better to watch.