Google To Introduce Wi-Fi Router

One thing that has been very innovative in the past few years is WI-Fi. Wi-fi has made it a lot easier for people to access internet without having to pay for some extra service. With tablets and cellphones, people have gained the ability to access Internet from almost anywhere. It has also become very convenient for users when they have an emergency that they have to take care of. As a result, they are able get into contact with people they know on social media as well as sending text messages. Also, Wi-Fi is good for those that don’t have unlimited data.

Google has decided to add to the convenience with a router called Google Wifi. This device will be for sale for only $129. This is going to be only one device in a series of other devices that are being released such as Google Pixel, and 4k Chromecast which will be released on Oct 4, 2016. Google is making sure that they offer a lot to their customers so that they could enjoy some of the greatest technological advancements that provide them with entertainment and productivity. There is a lot of advantages that this wireless network has over others.

Among the features that Google Wi-Fi has is that it can link two or more access points together in order to form one giant network for wireless access. This will make it very powerful for people that have a need for internet access a lot of the time. The concept that Google is working with is comparable to OnHub. As of right now, it is uncertain whether a lot of the features that are announced are going to be available at launch.

There are plenty of other pieces of hardware that is planned for audience. For one thing, Google continues to make things easier for people to access the internet and other software. Google has made it easy for people to connect their devices so that if it gets lost, they could more easily find it.