The Government Files Were Easy To Hack Because The Feds Computers Are Old

Millions Of Stolen Government Files Were Not Encrypted And New Software To Block Breaches Was Not Installed

Okay. The government collected trillions of dollars in taxes in 2014, but they didn’t think that some of that money was needed to bring their security systems up to date. Government security systems are outdated and no one seemed to care until the Chinese hacked those systems and stole the personal information of millions of government workers. How dumb can Congress be?

Instead of focusing on issues that make little sense to mainstream Americans, it’s time Congress gets its fiscal house in order, and spends money where it gives the biggest return. Keeping federal employees records safe should be a top priority when budget money is being allocated.

But this is just one example of the ineptness of our government, and the shortsightedness of our Congressional leaders. There will be an investigating committee set up to identify how and why the files were hacked, but that does little to solve the real issue. The real issues is our government’s choice making abilities, and their perception of doing the right things for the people. Clearly those actions are flawed.

Thanks to my chiropractor, Brian torchin for showing me this.