Cleansing Conditioner: The Answer To Your Hair Woes

Many of us feel that having shiny and soft hair is a dream that will never come true. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are cursed with dry and dull hair because of our genetics. We’ve tried deep conditioners and moisturizing shampoos but the texture and appearance of our hair remains the same.

Recent studies suggest that the ingredients found in popular shampoos and conditioners may be behind these common hair-related woes. For years, we’ve been taught that commercial shampoos and conditioners are a necessary part of maintaining healthy hair. However, what the brands that create these products don’t want you to know is that their shampoos and conditioners are loaded with ingredients that are remarkably damaging.

The reality is that our hair is much more fragile than we know. When we wash and condition our hair with these commercial products, we are loading our hair with ingredients that are just too harsh for our hair to handle. As a result, our hair becomes dry and weak and it loses its natural shine.

As it turns out, our hair is actually capable of keeping itself soft and shiny. Our hair follicles produce oils that nourish each strand, supplying hair with moisture and a protective coating so that environmental factors like weather cannot damage it. However, most shampoo and conditioner products are filled with chemicals that are so harsh and aggressive that they strip the hair of these oils, leaving hair vulnerable and dehydrated.

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The Solution

Luckily, there’s a new product out there that cleans and conditions hair while preserving its natural oils. WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains natural ingredients like botanical extracts that clean hair gently while providing it with tons of moisture. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is completely free of harsh chemicals that leave hair feeling dry and damaged.

Because of its unique formula, more and more beauty enthusiasts are turning to WEN Cleansing Conditioner and throwing their bottles of commercial shampoo and conditioner in the trash. If your hair is dry, damaged and dull, it’s time to throw out these damaging products for good and switch to WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

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Simple Rules For Keeping Your Hair Clean And Healthy

Maintaining clean, strong, and healthy hair is a process that requires hard work and determination. You should set aside some time for cleaning your hair. For instance, you will have to wake up early for blow-drying and application of consistent leave-in treatments.

Tricks for keeping your hair clean and healthy

1. Wash your hair at least thrice per week

How regularly should you cleanse your hair? This is a common question in the hair sector. However, professionals seem to reach an agreement that cutting back is a smart decision. The natural oils found in your hair specialize in conditioning and protecting your tresses. Thus, shampooing on a daily basis gets rid of these important oils. Cleansing your hair at least thrice per week is ideal.

2. Invest in organic shampoo

Shampoos such as WEN moisturizing conditioner can help refresh your hair and reduce the oil buildup. Since it contains natural ingredients, there is no harm in utilizing this conditioner on a daily basis.

WEN Hair Care

WEN Hair Care was launched on the belief that shiny and beautiful hair can and should be attained without necessarily compromising the health of your health. No corrosive sulfates that lather but just fuller, smooth, and healthier-looking hair. WEN Hair Care has redefined the way you take care of your hair by introducing unique care products free of corrosive chemicals. After combining ingredients such as eucalyptus, pears, apples, bananas, rosemary, sage, and lavender through a laboratory test, Chaz Dean, the founder of WEN, conducted a series of tests on his hair and discovered the moisturizing conditioners was functioning perfectly.

During the creation of WEN, Chaz Dean was on a mission to develop a moisturizing conditioner that did not contain sulfates or other harsh chemicals. By the look of things, Dean turned his goal into a reality since WEN Hair Care has become a huge success. Currently, WEN has sold more than 40 million bottles.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner: The Perfect Product for Women

A woman’s hair is one of the most important things to her. Hair is their crown of glory so it’s important that it is beautiful and healthy. When hair is beautiful, the person feels beautiful. There are many products out there that promise shiny, healthy hair but many of those products fall short and sometimes even make your hair worse.

It can be difficult to weed out the bad hair products and find the one that will work. One product that has proven results time and time again is Wen cleansing conditioner. There are many benefits to using cleansing conditioner than the standard shampoo. Cleansing conditioner work by cleaning your hair and conditioning it at the same time. Shampoo is known to strip hair of its natural oils, causing hair to look and feel dry and brittle. A cleansing conditioner moisturizes the the hair and makes it softer after the first use.

WEN is a hair care line created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. WEN eliminates shampoos and introduced the cleansing conditioner to the world. WEN cleansing conditioner gives hair body and shine. It makes hair feel incredibly soft to the touch. WEN is a 5 in 1 system. It contains you shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave – in conditioner. WEN’s cleansing conditioner gives your hair moisture and strength, which is needed to ensure hair is healthy. WEN eliminates all of the harsh chemicals that are found in shampoos. All you get are healthy botanicals to make your hair shine. WEN comes in a wonderful smell called sweet almond mint.

WEN is perfect for the woman who wants beautiful hair without the harsh chemicals. It is for the busy person who needs a 5 in 1 system. It is also for the person who doesn’t want to buy 5 products to do the job one bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner can do.

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Wen Produces Results Like No Other

Even though she was not too pleased with how hair felt with an oily quality to it, you cannot see that in the pictures. All you see is an improved shine and healthy appearance as compared to her before picture from just a week prior. Using Wen for just one week has given her hair life like it never had before. Even her friends noticed the change in her hair and recalled how much shinier it was than before. Perhaps people with thin and fine hair should use slightly less of the product at first as compared to people with thick and coarse hair so as not to feel the oily texture she felt. Otherwise, you can certainly see the wonderful results Wen provided to her hair.

Combined in one bottle for easy use, Wen’s shampoo and conditioner does not strip the hair of its natural oils like many commercial products. WEN only enhances the shine to your hair and provides you with soft and manageable hair in the process. Other products such as styling sprays, mousses, creams, oils and many others made by Wen can be used to create even more manageable hair and cut down on frizz and fly-away hairs also. With the variety of scents to choose from such as pomegranate, sweet honey peach, apple, cucumber aloe and many more there is surely something everyone will love that provides their hair with a sweet aroma throughout the day. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be bought online through Amazon.

Having shiny and silky hair only helps to promote health and youth and is what everyone wants for their hair. Having more manageable hair is a bonus and time saving for your personal and professional life. This can all be achieved with using the Wen Hair Care System as you have seen with your own eyes in her results in just a week’s time. For more info visit