Natural Hair Care Tips

Natural hair care is a popular topic for many, with products popping up every day that claim to improve hair’s strength, length, shine, and more. However, many of these same products contain ingredients that are harmful to hair, and only provide the illusion of health. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help your hair be as healthy as possible.

Avoid shampoos with sulfates. Sulfates have been shown to strip your hair of its natural oils, which provide moisture and protection from the elements.

Deep condition before washing to help protect your hair from being stripped of its natural oils as you shampoo. You can do this by applying coconut oil or olive oil to your hair and scalp and letting it sit for 20 minutes before washing.

Use natural products whenever possible. Many of the benefits provided by store-bought products can be obtained through natural ingredients without the negative side effects of harmful ingredients. Eggs can be used for protein treatments, oil can be used to condition, aloe Vera can be used for shine and to tame frizz, and so on.

Of course, there are also many alternative products on the market that utilize natural ingredients. One popular choice is Wen Hair by Chaz. Celebrated by celebrities and common consumers alike, this line has made a name for itself as one of the top natural hair care options on the market.

WEN by Chaz uses ingredients like Chamomile for its skin soothing properties, wild cherry bark to help the hair retain moisture, and rosemary extract to help hair growth and prevent hair loss. The products are formulated for different hair types and have received many positive reviews and even awards. Follow Wen hair on Twitter to get updates.

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