A Look at the Peer-Reviewed Journal Oncotarget

Oncotarget is described as a multi-discipline journal, with free access, that focuses on oncological research. The publication features peer-reviewed articles by researchers and others on the latest developments in the realm of cancer research.

Oncotarget if primarily focused on providing immediate publication of advancements as well as updates on ongoing studies in on the oncological arena. The journal believes that providing this information in a public forum, through peer-reviewed articles, works to advance the objective of finding new ways to fight various types of cancer.

Oncotarget was launched in 2010. It is published weekly. It is part of the Impact Journals group of periodicals. The journal is overseen by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who jointly serve as editors-in-chief. The overall editor board of the journal consist of over three dozen individuals with extensive backgrounds in fields of research and study associated with oncology and related disciplines.

According to Dove Press, Oncotarget is available online. It is an open-source journal that is free to anyone who wishes to access an article in the publication. Oncotarget maintains an extensive archive of all of the peer-reviewed articles that have appeared in the journal since its inception.

This includes individuals from some of the premier academic institutions in the United States, including Harvard, John Hopkins, and Columbia.

Oncotarget accepts submissions from researchers and academics. Information on the article submission process, coupled with criteria for publication, is available via the journal’s website.

The journal also publishes an array of articles on research not necessarily in oncology that does have an impact on cancer treatment and eradication. These articles are also peer-reviewed and involve current studies and progress being made in regard to ongoing research.

The journal accepts submissions in regard to these types of articles as well. A listing of related research about which articles are being accepts by Oncotarget at this time is available at the journal’s website.