Dr. Edward Honig is the Preferred Cardiologist in the NYC Area

Finding the right cardiologist to oversee your recently diagnosed heart condition can be a challenge. There are many exceptional heart specialists in the New York City area, and finding the one that will provide you with the optimal amount of care and support will help you learn how to live with this specific type of health issue on LinkedIn.

What You Should Know About Cardiologists

There are many people who are not familiar with what a cardiologist does until they are referred to one. A cardiologist is a specialist who has gone through many years of training to diagnose, treat, or prevent the various conditions of the heart and blood vessels.

Cardiologists go to school for close to a decade to obtain all the knowledge and hands-on experience that they need to care for their patients. They also spend several years working in the internal medicine field, allowing them to learn more about all types of medical conditions.

Your general physician may refer you to a cardiologist if you have complained about experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, or irregular heartbeats. You may also be referred to a heart specialist if your family has a history of heart disease or other similar conditions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mSir9TVZiM.

Are There Specific Tests Only Performed by a Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is trained to look for issues with the heart and blood vessels. Sometimes, they need to perform certain tests to diagnose a patient, or to rule out possible diseases. Some of the tests that are commonly performed by cardiologists include a stress test, an echocardiogram, and a cardiac cauterization.

These tests look at the function of the heart to ensure that everything is operating as it should. They can determine if a patient has a heart murmur, measure the limitations of the heart, and check to see if there is any blockage in the arteries that may be causing their symptoms.

Why Should I Visit a Cardiologist?

Anyone who has a history of heart disease or other heart conditions such as congestive heart failure, in their immediate family should see a cardiologist, especially if they are experiencing any of the common symptoms that go along with heart disease on Facebook.

If you are having health issues and your family physician suggests that you see a cardiologist to have more specific tests run, it is best to follow their instructions. Even if all the tests come back negative, seeing heart specialists can help to rule out serious health issues so that you and your doctor can focus on what your true diagnosis is.

Why You Should Visit Dr. Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig has many years of experience as a respected heart specialist. He and his staff see patients who live in the NYC area at his office inside the Glen Cove Hospital. Over the years, he has treated many patients who were diagnosed with common heart issues such as cardiomyopathies, coronary artery disease, diseases of the heart valves, heart defects at birth, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and heart arrhythmia.

Dr. Edward Honig and his staff provide the optimal amount of care and support to their patients. They understand that a diagnosis involving the heart can be an overwhelming experience for you and your family. Therefore, they are available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about the diagnosis, treatment options, and testing that may occur.

When you want to visit the best cardiologist that New York City has to offer, then you should consider making an appointment with Dr. Edward Honig today, or ask your family physician to make a referral.