The Leading Product in Technology

With the advancement of technology comes the ability to use a visual search. What image recognition is is the ability to identify a product from a picture. The benefit of using this new piece of technology is the ability to recognize products just from a picture which can then share information concerning the photo.

One of the most popular uses for this new piece of technology is for the purpose of buying products. By products through this method is effortless that only takes minutes to do. All you have to do is take a picture of the product you are interested in and plug the picture into your mobile app. The app will then connect the product to an online database that has been designed to not only find the same product but to also provide information of it. This Swedish designed product makes shopping and easy and better experience.

One of the best sites to use visual search is with Slyce. Slyce is a website that offers fast results when looking for a product to buy. What this website does is integrate the world’s leading retail brands with this site to provide shoppers with the best available information concerning a certain product. All one has to do to receive this topnotch help is to snap a photo and to download the photo on the mobile app. The app will then provide the user of where to find the desired product as well as any other piece of important information including the price.

The Slyce website and app offer countless services to the user. One service in particular is one of the most popular offered services which is the ability to snap photos for the purpose of purchasing products. Another great feature of this website is the website’s ability to use a visual relevancy engine. This shows the product’s attributes which are then used to provide relevant results.

One of the neatest features of Slyce is the ability to identify products through social media. When looking through Facebook, and noticing a nice pair of shoes or a nice dress, all you have to do is apply the photo to the mobile app. The app will register the product and provide information on where the product can be purchased. One last feature that Slyce has is the ability to digitally enable printing materials as well as billboards with just a mobile phone. Imagine all the possibilities that can be created with visual search.

Marc Sparks, A Business Success Story

Marc Sparks is a very successful businessman. However, he doesn’t think that his success was a matter of luck. He does not see himself as above others. He has outlined how he was successful, in order to encourage others to take a similar path. In fact, he has published a book about how he attained business success that is titled, “They Can’t Eat You” available on Amazon. He also does not keep all his money for himself. He is a big time philanthropist.

Marc Sparks did not simply start a singular business. He is a serial entrepreneur. This means, according to an article posted in Bloomberg, that Sparks has started a multitude of businesses. He is particularly involved in telecommunication. However, he also is involved in other types of businesses as well.

Sparks is a venture capitalist. This means that he gives start up money to businesses that seem like they could be headed to big success. Of course, this is highly speculative. However, Marc Sparks has been quite successful with this.

Also, Marc Sparks has outlined his path to success. His book, “They Can’t Eat You” has been a big seller. It has undoubtedly given others the motivation to enter the business world. It also provides some very good tips for success in business. Marc Sparks strongly feels that it is possible for any person to become successful.

Marc Sparks is also not the type of person to keep all his wealth for himself. Sparks is a big philanthropist. He has donated to a program in his local area of Dallas, Texas that helps youth get a high school diploma. He does not just donate money. He actually volunteers his time as well. He has worked with Habitat For Humanity on building houses for those in need. Additionally, he volunteers at a local homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas called The Samaritan Inn.