Study Points To Improvement For Wikipedia

Recently, computer scientists at Stanford and the Wikimedia Foundation produced a tool that helps people write articles to fill gaps in the knowledge stream at Wikipedia. Jure Leskovek of Stanford and research scientists Ellery Wulczyn and Leila Zia of Wikimedia, with Stanford graduate student Robert West, were able in a study to discover that recommending missing articles to existing Wikipedia editors, none of whom are paid, could double or even triple the production of articles. The gap identified was that work existed in one of the 300 languages Wikipedia works with, but had not been translated. This research will help Wikipedia meet an important need. 

To do the research, the scientists cross-referenced lists of every article in every language to determine which articles were missing in each language. They then ranked the importance of the missing work, based on cultural or other relevance. They worked with 300,000 articles that were issued in English, but not in French. Then, working with 6,000 editors who were conversant in both languages and had done translations from one to the two, they sent out emails noting it would be a community service to do the translations. The researchers soon discovered that this simple step could double or even triple the organic Wikipedia page creation rate.

The reason this matters so much is because Wikipedia has become such a vital tool for individuals and organizations to have a credible presence on the web. In todays internet society, being posted in Wikipedia is as important as advertising for important companies, and lends a credibility, and even dignity, to the organization or individual. It also adds visibility, as Wikipedia sites are usually one of the five leading sites Google searches reveal.

But learning how to make a Wikipedia page is not as straightforward as it might seem. The articles have to been done correctly, and cross referenced in keeping with their high standards. It is helpful that there are Wikipedia writing companies that exist, such as Get Your Wiki that can ease the process. By hiring Wikipedia editors, they work with you to produce good quality postings that meet all of Wikipedia’s requirements. There is more information available online, but this site is one of the most helpful. It is important to keep in mind that when you create a Wikipedia page, it will only have as much substance as your company does.