ChatBot Lawyer for the Homeless

The “ChatBot Lawyer” that has gotten over 150,000 people out of unlawful parking tickets in both the UK and America has now been redirected to turn its attention to aiding the homeless population.

Titled the “DoNotPay Bot”, it was originally created to automatically learn the best method to help individuals who have been wrongfully given parking citations and tickets. Basic legal precedence was programmed into the bot and, over time, it began to learn more and more about the situation it was dealing with. The original form of the bot was wildly successful and eventually resulted in more than 3 million pounds of appeals. The bot had a success rate of approximately 65%.

Now, however, the bot has been made to give basic legal counsel and advice to those living on the streets and in poverty. At the most basic level, this bot works by drafting a form letter that allows the homeless to apply for emergency housing.

Using publicly available examples of successful letters, the creator of the bot has been able to program the bot to create unique yet effective documents to submit to committees who oversee the legitimacy of an individuals request.

The creator of the bot, a 19 year old who is currently attending Stanford University, stated that “almost every local government in the UK has signed up for the website,” proving that the product immediately became viable and necessary.

Overtime, this bot has become more and more complex and revolutionary. It initially started out as a way for individuals to avoid wrongful tickets. Later, it changed into a program that enabled individuals to claim money from delayed flights and trains. Finally, the coder decided that it was time to apply the project to a real social change.

He felt that homelessness was a realistic problem to tackle. It has been a rampant issue in major cities across the US and the UK. In addition, it is a relatively simple solution to fix on an individual level provided the immense amount of affordable housing options provided by the local governments in the area. By answering simple and basic questions, the bot can adapt to best help the individuals who are looking for its service.

The most impressive part, it’s free.