Tech Consumer Products Expected to Prove their Worth at HSN’s Competition

The competition is on. HSN is seeking to reward the next big consumer product in the American market. At the moment, more than 100 entrepreneurs and makers around the US are pitching their products for an opportunity to win HSN’s grand prize which will include an exclusive airtime provision. There is a wide range of consumer products that will be allowed to compete and among the categories includes Tech, home, kitchen, productivity and toys among others. This is a good opportunity for the right company or product to make its presence felt to a wider market. HSN is a cable TV company that also owns a magazine known as Good Housekeeping magazine which is subscribed by millions of Americans.
This contest will afford the winning company the chance to expose itself and its products to this large market base. The HSN company has a cable TV viewership of about 96 million and a magazine readership of about 25 million. This particular contest is an expansion of its “American Dreams” initiative that encourages entrepreneurship to help inventors and innovators to bring their products to the market. However, this is the first time that HSN is holding a pitching contest which has a possibility of recurring in the near future. The products will be judged on what they do and the problems that they are likely to solve. It will also look at the presenters of the products themselves and make a just judgment. This will include their corporate story as well as the way in which they are presenting their product.
This concept borrows heavily from the shark tank TV contest which inspired the idea. The contestants will be allowed to argue their case in front of judges an the event that will take place in Petersburg, Florida. The event will last for about three days with ten finalists being selected to feature in the December issue of Good Housekeeping that will be available on newsstands on November 15th. The public will also be involved in selecting the winner, but HSN and Good Housekeeping will have the final say. Most products that will be featured include those in the household category, but there are murmurs that a new tech product could clinch the top spot. These are products which are ready for primetime and already have approved prototypes and manufacturing partners in place.