Hyperloop, The Future of Travel

Our modern world is currently experiencing incredible progress in the industry of computing and the internet that has changed the way the world exchanges information on a global scale. Storage spaces are getting bigger while the size of the chip is becoming much smaller by the day. One would have thought that this drastic technological improvement would have brought a new age of utopian technology. These changes have not been noticed in many areas of our life; things do not seem to have evolved over the years and transportation is one industry that has stagnated over the years. Though we have been treated to fictional stories that foresaw flying cars and teleporters during the 21st century, we have had to settle for Segway.



Dreams never die, though, and the future is much bright for the transportation industry. Currently, we have one futurist technology for transportation that is known as Hyperloop. While it may not be as fancy as personal jetpack or mind-shattering as a teleporter, the Hyperloop has been dubbed as the game changer in the transportation industry. Hyperloop technology comes with great promises such as shortening travel times on land and slowing damage to the environment.



Elon Musk, the inventor, and technological futurist proposed hyperloop; he is the CEO of the aerospace firm known as SpaceX and electric car manufacturer Tesla. According to Musk, the bullet train system that is currently under development will be expensive and slow moving in the future.



The Hyperloop concept is made up of two large tubes that stretch between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The tubes would have pods carrying passengers; the pods would travel at a speed of 700mph. So as to propel the tubes pods, magnetic accelerators will be fitted along the length of the tube; the magnets would accelerate the pods forward.



The world needs this new revolutionary technological mode of transportation. The conventional means of travel such as road, water, air, and rail tend to be expensive, slow and pose a danger to the environment. In particular, road transport is problematic when considering the environmental damage that it courses and the fluctuating prices of oil. While the conventional mode of transit continues to pose a danger to the environment, mass transit is critical. Therefore, Hyperloop is a significant technological milestone for the future of transportation field.