IAP Worldwide Services Responds to Global Emergencies

Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP)  is one of the United States government’s international first responders to natural disasters, global infrastructure damage, and epidemics. IAP Worldwide responds to national security and communications network emergencies and provides aviation support effectively within time and cost. IAP is known for its performance, reliability, and dedication in 25 countries. Public and private sector clients demand an innovative response from IAP consultants and emergency medical personnel during emergencies.

IAP Worldwide

Security During Emergencies

IAP immediately assesses emergency situations and delivers engineers, electricians, information and data processing specialists, and emergency medical personnel any hour of the day or night, 365 days each year. IAP consultants bring power to the remote areas of the world and repair large and small power outages in the United States. IAP restores order, safety, and hope to distressed individuals and countries. IAP delivers supplies from packaged ice, bottled water, and emergency provisions to building materials and construction equipment to reconstruct damaged buildings.

2014 Restructuring

Kaye Scholer achieved an out-of-court settlement for Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Invesco, and Oppenheimer Funds while restructuring IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. in 2014. IAP owed $354 million to the creditors and another $125 million in second liens. IAP advanced with the full support of its investors, a $50 million revolving fund, and a hallmark board of directors following the reorganization.

IAP Accomplishments

IAP provides global management services, technical advice, and professional services for US military operations, governmental agencies, humanitarian groups, and business enterprises. IAP’s clients include the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of State, NASA, NOAA, and NATO. IAP assisted in intelligence operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Social Media CareerCast

The IAP2 USA Blog points out that 72% of all Americans are on Facebook, and 25% regularly use Twitter. IAP uses Facebook, YouTube, Video conferencing, and email lists to communicate with diverse clients. IAP twitter tweets short messages about events, insights, and activities. The IAG Blog posts IAG news and press releases from 30 IAP Chapters and 34 IAP committees.

Grant Funds

IAP awards funds to projects demonstrating creativity and innovation, and to projects “exemplifying” diversity, culture, and inclusion. The largest award goes to the project chosen as the project of the year. Applications are available online from the IAG blog. Community engagement webinars and technical tools are also available on the website.