Joseph Bismark Says We Are Spiritual Beings


“No way,” I thought to myself as I read about the visionary business leader Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog “End of an Earring.” “How could nine years as a monk in an Ashram in the Philippines possibly prepare someone for a corporate career?”

As I read on, I realized that Bismark’s great belief in every person’s potential, along with his advocacy of healthy living in body, soul, and spirit (which are all one), are exactly what makes him such a dynamic, empowering manager in the Qi conglomeration. This group works in several different sectors. It is also affiliated with the RYTHM (“Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”) Foundation, which serves various charities. Bismark is a founder and a leader in the Foundation, which helps him to inspire thousands through his corporate responsibility work. 

Wow! What a paradox. Joseph Bismark doesn’t believe that success is the be-all, end-all goal of life. Instead, we should nurture our inner qualities and be of service to the world using our unique strengths. These lessons have made the Qi group incredibly successful.

Another amazing seeming contradiction was that humility, ease of approach, and a simple lifestyle create a great leader. Staying grounded allows Bismark to listen to the ideas of his colleagues and employees and value them, unlike in companies where differing ideas are dismissed. What a great way to foster creativity in business! It’s no wonder that Bismark’s lifelong commitment to spiritual values has led to such great results in the Qi group.