Jon Urbana Is Enthusiastic About His Interests

Jon Urbana is not someone who likes to sit still. He recently was given a great honor from the Federal Aviation Administration. The papers featuring his name notes that Urbana has far exceeded the normal qualifications for being a pilot. This shows a commitment to excellence and a desire to succeed at his newfound endeavor. All of Urbana’s interests reflect more than just a passing desire. Jon Urbana truly commits himself fully to the causes and hobbies he enjoys.

Urbana’s original primary dedication was to the sport of lacrosse. He was a standout player for Villanova University, and then he went on to join the professional league. His career as a professional was a notable one. After retiring, he launched the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a camp that has become one of the top training grounds for lacrosse players of many ages and skill levels.

Urbana has a lot of diverse interests. He enjoys sharing news about his interests with others. On social media, Urbana truly does love to tweet about things that catches his eye. Photos, music, videos, news articles, humor pieces, and more are all featured on his official blog and his Twitter profile. Becoming a follower on his Twitter might be a real good idea. 7,000+ people have signed onto it. And why not be a part of his Facebook family as well?

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Business and entrepreneurial endeavors are things Jon Urbana takes part in. He is not all about business though. Urbana spends a lot of time trying to help charitable causes. His GoFundMe adventures have worked at raising money both animals and the environment. No-kill shelters and youth-oriented environment projects have all received the GoFundMe support of Mr. Urbana.

Once again, anyone wishing to learn more about the interests, hobbies, and charity activities of Jon Urbana are advised to check out his social media profiles.

Adventurous Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth is a well known CEO and philanthropist from West Germany. Right now he is working as the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings but has worked for numerous other hotel and mountain resort companies over the course of his life.
One of his most fascinating traits is that he had to have his arm reattached after a skydiving incident in California. The changes of winds and a bad drop in general had him landing in a vineyard where he was caught in some wiring and lost his arm to a pole. Wirth was lucky to make it alive and made a huge recovery afterwards and has continued to be a successful businessman since. He has since said that the song “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam is a big part of what pulled him through the trauma because he believed himself to likely be dying and was using the song to come to terms with that and avoid dying of shock.
Wirth has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University, he has competed in an Ironman competition since his accident, and he is well known for being one of the biggest in the field of philanthropy among his peers. He is a remarkable individual in a number of ways because of how hard he works against his adversity. He has recently become the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.
Wirth took over Squaw Valley Ski Resort the summer of 2010. He was appointed after the departure of Nancy Cushing who had been in the position with the company for 16 years. From there he made about $70 million in upgrades and has continued to take the company further and further from being one of the lowest ranked ski resort companies to it now being considered one of the highest ranked, reaching into the top 20%.
Wirth is a one of a kind businessman with a sense for extreme sports and a love for what he does. He is certainly one to watch as the years go by and he makes more and more improvements to the world around him.

Marketing Your Business in Brazil

A business requires cultural acclimatization to be successful in a foreign country. So, you need to make sure that your products or services fit into the idiosyncrasies and inclinations of the country where you want to put up your business. How do you culturalize your business so as to attain the same success that your business has achieved in the domestic market? Well, cultural acclimatization is realized in one simple step: effective marketing.

In as much as countries are becoming more heterogeneous, cultural foundations rarely budge. Cultural protocols, disclosures, traditions as well as sensitivities are stubbornly unaccommodating and typically unchanging. Marketing your business in a place like Brazil is a form of art in itself. PropMarks suggests the identity of your products or services must seamlessly fashion upon Brazil and not the other way round.

It is highly recommended to involve a Brazilian advertising specialist who can assist you to come up with an effective marketing strategy for your products or services. He shall advise you on the appropriate markets that your products or services fit best. Advertising, exhibitions, and trade shows are great avenues for meeting potential customers, but you still need to persuade them to buy your products. You must convey your sales literature appropriately in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Ignoring cultural preferences, tastes, and local regulations as laid down by Brazilian advertising service is a sure way to failure. Be aware of some of the Brazilian cultures that would affect your marketing efforts, and you can do this by reading with the internet being a good place to start you off. Better yet, you can partner with a good local advertising agency. They know the ins and outs of the Brazilian market, and they can help you to become localized.

Cláudio Loureiro Head Advertisement is one of the advertising agencies you shouldn’t bypass as you search for an advertising agency in Brazil. It is the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil with 25 years of existence in the market. Cláudio Loureiro is a founding partner of the Heads Propaganda. Mr. Loureiro is known for his creative way of thinking when it comes to advertising. In fact, he has brought great advertising innovations to the country. With customers, such as SEBRAE, LIGHT, Volvo and Petrobras Cláudio Loureiro, Heads Advertisement will certainly guarantee you success in your marketing efforts.

The beliefs, intricacies, and even superstitions of Brazil can make or break your business. Know the culture of Brazil and immerse yourself in it. Do not assume that the marketing strategies of your domestic market are transplantable to Brazil. Revise your selling points to fit into the Brazilian market.

A Great Man And A Great Company

Flavio Maluf is the brains behind the production company name Eucatex. Eucatex is a very known company, because it is an international company that markets doors, paint, laminate floors, and ceiling tiles. Flavio Maluf is the current president of the company, and he became president of Eucatex group in 1997. Maluf is a very intelligent man that started off his career as a mechanical engineer. He went to college because that was something that he was very passionate about, and also he hoped to be able to use his passion in the family business.

Maluf has been president of Eucatex company for many years, and his uncle was the president before he was. After graduating from college Flavio went on to study in the United States for about a year, later he moved back home and married his wife Jaqueline. He and his wife have five lovely children, and they are located in Brazil. When Flavio went back to the United States he dived himself right back into the family business. He began to work in the trade section of the company, and later he went on to the industrial section. Flavio’s family encouraged him to grow the company, and that encouragement as well as his own innovations helped him to help the company to thrive. Now Eucatex continues to be one of Brazil’s leading production companies, and the success of the company is do much to Flavio’s innovation.

Eucatex has been a company that works in the industrial production market for many years. They first opened up their mill in 1951, and they are still a leader in the Americas when it comes to innovation and the environment. At a time when many other companies were not thinking about the environment, Eucatex was thinking about ways to use natural resources in order to help the environment. Eucatex uses eucalyptus in the production of its hard boards, and ceiling tiles. Over the years the products that Eucatex has offered have expanded, and now they deal with things such as paint, laminate, and walls as well. Eucatex is a very unique company that exports its products to more than 37 countries around the world, and they have offices in more than four different countries in other areas as well.

Eucatex is an innovative company that has the mission of using natural resources in a way that generates renewable products. Even though Eucatex keeps their cost competitive, they always promote social and economical growth within their company. Eucatex maintains good working conditions for all of its employees and they strive to integrate the communities in which they work. Eucatex is a company that focuses on teamwork and results, and they are a company that always strives for excellence. Eucatex has a commitment to its employees, the community, and their clients. Eucatex truly is a unique company not only in Brazil, but in the entire world.

Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital Share Leadership Tips

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm based in NY. The firm gained most of its success under Stephen Murray, their former CEO and President. It was because of the leadership of Stephen Murray of that the firm scaled such heights and became a household name when it comes to private equity investments. CCMP Capital itself is known for its honest and transparent dealing but more than anything, the firm is famous in the industry for being an outstanding example of leadership. Young entrepreneurs can learn a lot from CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray.

Here are some leadership lesson that young leaders and new firms can learn by following Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital –

Great Leaders Are Made By Great Employees – If the employees aren’t great, a leader would not be able to generate great results, no matter what is done. This is why great leaders always focus on their employees’ needs and train them regularly to ensure that the entire organization can feel the benefits of it.

Leaders Should Find Time To Unwind To Maintain Efficiency Levels – Leaders are all, ultimately,humans and therefore, they need time to wind down from the breakneck work speed and relax with their family and friends. Leaders should be encouraged to take time off every once in a while. CCMP Capital encourages the same in its leaders and the results are for all to see.

Good Leaders Aren’t Afraid of Failure – When a leader considers failure to be a turn in the road to success, the employees lose their fear as well and start performing better than expectations.

Innovation Is Necessary In Leadership – Because of how dynamic the corporate world has become, the same old leadership style doesn’t work anymore. Thus, leaders need to be innovative in their approach when it comes to team mates. Cookie cutter leadership styles are discouraged at CCMP Capital and instead, the firm encourages leaders to try their personal leadership techniques.

Trust is The Glue That Binds A Leader To Team Members – Members of the team can only trust their leader when there is openness in communication, candor in behaviour and honestly in the firm. Trust is the most important thing that all leaders should try to cultivate with their members.

Another thing that sets apart CCMP Capital from its competitors is its focus on the human resource of the organization. The firm is staffed by the best professionals in the industry and as such, CCMP Capital has been able to maintain high standards of work throughout its life. This, in turn, has led to profits and goodwill for the firm and by following the above tips, the firm has carved a niche for itself in the industry.

Understanding The Functions Of An Investment Bank

The world of investment banking is exciting but can also be challenging. The talented individuals who work in this field hve a unique set of qualifications that aid them in offering sound investment advice for their clients. The investment banker has both in field experience and college education.

This demanding field of work entails long hours. Many of these hours are spent in research related tasks. The research that the investment banker performs surrounds watching market trends, the health and financial stability of companies offering stocks on the market, as well as investigation into emerging markets.

Individuals such as James Dondero on started their careers analyzing and researchibg. His first position was as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager. Both of these positions entail massive amounts of research. His conmpetency and proven track record over a 30 year career led to his co-founding and eventual Presidency of Capital Management.

Mr. Dondero now manages over $21 billion in assets. His specialty is in credit strategies. The company that he heads offers different investment strategies to their clients in order to help them grow wealth and have the capital needed for business ventures.

Among some of the strategies that Capital Management uses include emerging markets, long and short term equities, and natural resources. The research and hours of analysis that goes into the investment professionals recommendations assures that each client is getting the best advice based not only on what the market can bear, but also on their personal level of risk.

Dealing with the financial portfolios of clients is an important part of what the investment professional does. In doing this they have to make judgment calls based on a number of different factors. One such factor is the risk assessment. This entails how much the client can absorb if they experience losses.

The investment bankerr will also look at the clients’ present financial standing and any financial instruments they presently own. This is done to determine if changes are needed and how to better diversify the clients’ portfolio. Once all the assessments are made, then advice and suggestions are given for the client to choose from.

Investment banking also focuses on raising capital for corporations and organizations. This is done through the acquisition of securities. Advice to companies is offered to help corporate professionals know the best way to gain and maintain their edge financially in their specific market niche.

Investment banks do not accept deposits. This is not the nature of these banks. They primarily function to help raise capital for theclients. While some banks will offer deposit services, this will be located in a different branch. These banks will also offer investment services to both corporateand private individuals.

I Found My Best Friend In Another Country On Skout

The story that I have to tell is so unbelievable, that I keep having to repeat over and over again, because people still find it hard to believe. I found my best friend in another country, by using the Skout network. Many people think that I found a new best friend, while using Skout, but this is not true. The best friend that I found, is one that I had when I was a child, and we lost touch over the years. My best friend moved when I was in high school, and just a couple years before I graduated.

I kept in touch with my best friend, but she eventually had her number changed, and she was never able to get a hold of me again. I joined Skout as a way to find myself a date, because I wanted to have someone to bring to a wedding, which I was going to in the future. I know it was a long shot, but I figured that I would find someone interesting to take to the wedding. I used the “shake to chat” feature, which is very popular on the Skout network. The feature allows anyone to shake their mobile device, and then someone, from somewhere in the world, will show up on the screen to chat.

I was absolutely floored when a girl that looked just like my ex-best friend, popped up on the screen. We began talking, and because she looks so familiar, I asked her where she was from. She told me that she was from Norfolk, Virginia, and I was almost floored. I told her that not only was I also, from Norfolk, Virginia, but that I only lived a few miles away from the general area. We both started laughing, and as we talked some more, I came to find out that this was my best friend from childhood. This could not have happened without Skout.

We had changed so much in our facial features, that neither one of us truly recognize each other, until we came out with our stories. We both sat there and cried, and we exchanged phone information. What’s so crazy, is that my best friend is in the UK, and I completely found her by accident. She moved to the UK for a job, and now that we are talking again, I plan to visit her in the future. Our story is so amazing, that I can’t even believe it myself. Thank you Skout.

Free Windows 10 Not So Free

Microsoft announced this week that anyone who wants to upgrade to its Windows 10 operating system can do so for free for a year from the release date. Essentially, users can have any version of the OS, including pirated copies, which are popular in foreign countries, and upgrade at no additional cost. Terry Myerson for Microsoft told Reuters that the goal is to “re-engage” with the millions of Microsoft users in China and elsewhere who have pirated copies.

People at Anastasia Date ( have found that, while many Windows users are jumping for joy, some are extremely worried about this decision. Enterprise users will pay licensing fees. Those who want to move their OS from one computer to another or work between multiple devices may also have to pay fees to do so. Microsoft revealed last year that multi-device usage would come with fees in light of the Internet of Things. The company then issued vague statements about whether it would or would not charge these fees and there have been no updates revealing what Microsoft plans in these areas. Third-party software may also be more difficult to use with Window 10 as Microsoft focuses on its own software offerings and the software offered by its business partners.

What experts do know is that Microsoft will charge upgrade fees to Windows 7/8 users who decide to not take advantage of this offer now and instead upgrade after the free year ends.

Bruce Levenson: Global Businessman and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is best known as one of the founders of United Communications Group. UCG had a humble beginning as Levenson and business partner Ed Peskowitz started the company in a storage room above a liquor store in Washington, DC, owned by Levenson’s father. Back then, in 1977, Levenson published a single newsletter called the Oil Express, which was geared toward the oil industry. Over time, UCG acquired other newsletters and have become a leading provider of a wide variety of products that support business professionals in industries such as IT, energy, healthcare, finance and banking, telecom, and others. The support includes data analysis and information tools that help the business professional in his decision making process.

Bruce Levenson is also on the Board of Directors of an IT media company, TechTarget. This company was a spin-off from UCG. TechTarget provides a network of media that helps serious buyers in the IT industry conduct their research before they make their enterprise-level decisions.

Besides business, Levenson was also known for his activities in sports. In 2004, he and Ed Peskowitz joined a group of business people to form Atlanta Spirit LLC, now Atlanta Hawks, LLC, to buy the Atlanta Hawks from Time Warner. The purchase also included the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team and Phillips Arena, but they sold the Thrashers in 2011. In 2014, Levenson also announced his intent to sell the Atlanta Hawks.

Levenson is no stranger to philanthropy. He has always been a proponent for disadvantaged youths. Since the 1980s, Levenson, along with his wife, have contributed to various initiatives that benefit disadvantaged youths. The notable programs include “I Have A Dream,” PeacePlayers, and the “Bringing The Lessons Home” program at the Holocaust Museum. The latter has special meaning for Levenson because his mother was a Holocaust survivor. This program teaches students of the inner city what the Holocaust was all about and trains them to be museum tour guides.

Levenson went one step further because he wants to ensure that the next generation has leaders in the non-profit sector. He and his wife created and funded the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management, a program at the University of Maryland. The Center has two objectives. On objective is to motivate the students at the U. of Maryland to become responsible philanthropists after they graduate. The other objective is to train students to be the future leaders in the non-profit sector.

Reasons Behind The Popularity of BRL Trust Investments

When you look for a trust investment company, your primary objective is to find someone who would treat your money like their own. Someone who would be responsible and someone you can trust completely. Of course, it is impossible to trust others when money is concerned but with BRL Trust Investments, this is possible. The company had humble beginnings and started in 2005 in the field of private loans. However, by the time the year was up, BRL Trust Investments was already in charge of over 100 loans. As the company achieved mastery in this area, is slowly grew in size and experience as well.

Soon, BRL Trust Investments was trying its hands in other areas too. The key to the company’s past and current success is patience and specialization. Instead of trying to be a jack of all fields, BRL Trust Investments chose to master everything one by one. The steady pace, which should have been detrimental to the growth and development of the company, became a blessing when more customers got attracted to BRL Trust Investments. The company was suddenly brimming with new clients and fresh energy if you check the LinkedIn page. It was finally a chance for BRL Trust Investments to show to the world the rewards of specializing in so many areas.

The experienced work staff and employees at BRL Trust Investments are the crowning glory of their achievements. These people have spent years honing their skills in the field. It is said that getting a job at BRL Trust Investments is pretty difficult because they only choose the best people to work for them. The idea is to give their clients the very best that the industry can offer. If you become a client of BRL Trust Investments, you wouldn’t have to worry about your money every again. The proof of this resides in their former clients who are extremely satisfied with the services of BRL Trust Investments and are ready to recommend them to everyone else. BRL Trust Investments also stands by its own mission statement.

Currently, the areas where BRL Trust Investments offers its services include Fiduciary services, fund administration, funds custody, asset management and asset underwriting. You can also register a request with the ombudsman of the company through the contact page. Choosing BRL Trust Investments would be the best decision you make for the money because the company cares about its clients and customers more than anything.