A Glimpse Of Steven Murray

Devastating news reached the ears and minds of many Americans when former CEO and president of CCMP Capital was announced dead. Steve Murray left behind a long standing legacy of work in the private equity sector. His position at CCMP Capital was given up only a month before his passing.

The sources involved agreed that Steven’s work departure was for health related reasons.

It is not all clear as to the nature of Steve Murray’s health complications or what secondary illnesses were involved. But many in the financial world are not mourning the lost of life at the young age of 52. They instead mourn the lost of great innovation and practices in the investment world and from one man.

The former CEO and president began working with this firm back in 1989 when the the agency was still called Chase Capital Partners on Crunchbase. That was a time when Chase Bank owned the firm. Ownership then passed to J.P. Morgan who enabled the firm, along with Murray’s help, to be one of the largest agencies of its kind in the private equity industry.

Though Steven worked for the firm before these transactions and transfer of ownership, it wasn’t until 2007 that Murray stepped into the CEO seat that was left by Jeff Walker who is the group’s originating founder. Steven Murray’s long track record in the private equity field made his passing a troubling time for many involved with his firm.

Hearts were broken and many were left saddened by the abrupt departure of this financial professional. Greg Brenneman would follow Steve Murray’s footsteps and become president and CEO of CCMP Capital. Greg is one of the main advocates of Murray and among those deeply hurt by the passing of a monumental figure in private equity.

Under Steven Murray’s past guidance for the firm, CCMP Capital raised $3.6 billion and in just a five month period. What shocked many upon Murray’s work departure was his title and name being immediately taken from the firm’s website on en.wikipedia.org. No one would expect the events that followed. Left behind vacant in the wake of his passing were board and chair positions in various fields.

There is surely a huge divide and void without a person having Steven Murray’s stature to fill it. The world unanimously mourned this great lost. Few people can hold the hearts and minds of so many, and we dare say that such is likely to happen again.

Adventurous Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth is a well known CEO and philanthropist from West Germany. Right now he is working as the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings but has worked for numerous other hotel and mountain resort companies over the course of his life.
One of his most fascinating traits is that he had to have his arm reattached after a skydiving incident in California. The changes of winds and a bad drop in general had him landing in a vineyard where he was caught in some wiring and lost his arm to a pole. Wirth was lucky to make it alive and made a huge recovery afterwards and has continued to be a successful businessman since. He has since said that the song “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam is a big part of what pulled him through the trauma because he believed himself to likely be dying and was using the song to come to terms with that and avoid dying of shock.
Wirth has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University, he has competed in an Ironman competition since his accident, and he is well known for being one of the biggest in the field of philanthropy among his peers. He is a remarkable individual in a number of ways because of how hard he works against his adversity. He has recently become the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.
Wirth took over Squaw Valley Ski Resort the summer of 2010. He was appointed after the departure of Nancy Cushing who had been in the position with the company for 16 years. From there he made about $70 million in upgrades and has continued to take the company further and further from being one of the lowest ranked ski resort companies to it now being considered one of the highest ranked, reaching into the top 20%.
Wirth is a one of a kind businessman with a sense for extreme sports and a love for what he does. He is certainly one to watch as the years go by and he makes more and more improvements to the world around him.

Drumroll…The Best Lacrosse Camp in the Country Is…

Lacrosse camps are recommended for lacrosse players who have a desire to develop their skill even further. There are two benefits to attending a lacrosse camp. The first benefit is the fact that it is a great opportunity to meet professionals who have experience playing on an upper level lacrosse team. The other benefit is the fact that each individual professional coach has the ability to look at each player and notice particular skills and techniques that can be improved.
One lacrosse camp in particular that is both prestigious and well respected is Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse camp. This lacrosse camp is geared towards young and enthusiastic lacrosse players who are looking to develop their skills even further. The Next Level Lacrosse camp is a camp that takes place in Colorado and has experienced coaches who have been trained by the best coaches and who have trained with the best teammates.

The goal of the Next Level Lacrosse camp is to exam each player as an individual. By doing this, each player can be helped for the purpose of refining their special skill in lacrosse. Every coach, working for this program will help each youth find their special skill that will cater to the player’s interest, style, as well as their field position.

The Next Level Lacrosse camp was established in 2011 by a man named Jon Urbana. Urbana himself has had a long career in lacrosse that started as far back as high school. Mr. Urbana, in his lacrosse career, has received numerous awards for his athletic achievement. One of the greatest achievements that Mr. Urbana has accomplished is making the Tewaaraton watch-list. The creation of this lacrosse camp gave him the opportunity to teach youths the skills and techniques (see Urbana’s training tutorials here) that he and his fellow professional coaches have learned over the years through experience.

The coaches who work at the Next Level Lacrosse camp are all of top quality. The three main coaches include Tyler German, Sergio Perkovic, as well as Ryan Tucker. Tyler German was a University of Virginia lacrosse captain who was later drafted for the Major League Team Boston Cannons. Sergio Perkovic played at University of Notre Dame and was All-American. Lastly, Ryan Tucker was a Tewaaraton finalist and was a NCAA All-American who attended University of Virginia.

All of these coaches who make up the Next Level Lacrosse family are all eager to meet youths who have a passion for lacrosse. With the head coach and prolific tweeter Jon Urbana, having over 15 years of experience, these coaches are more than qualified to improve any lacrosse skill. The goal of this camp is to have each individual grow their strengths for the purpose of conditioning them for the upcoming lacrosse seasons.

The Bravery Of Yeonmi Park

At a mere 13yrs old Yeonmi Park along with her mother fled the horrifying dictatorship in North Korea for the safety of China. Her father had informed them that they would all be fleeing to China but her older sister, Eunmi, fled early and so they were separated. In March 2007 Yeonmi and her mother fled but unfortunately her father had to stay behind. He was ill and feared that his illness would slow them down and possibly get them caught. They lived close to the Chinese border so their journey was not that distant. However, once in China they discovered that they had traded their horrible situation for something equally as bad. One of the traffickers that helped smuggle them into China threatened her and her mother. He told them that if she did not have sex with him that he would alert the authorities. Yeonmi’s mother saved her daughter and offered herself instead and so he raped her mother right before her eyes. This was not the end of their troubles.

In 2008, they were finally able to smuggle Yeonmi’s father into China. After his arrival he was diagnosed with colon cancer and sadly passed away some time later. Yeonmi and her mother were unable to mourn their loss. They could not even hold a funeral for their loved one for fear of being found out by the authorities. They buried him near a mountain. Yeonmi says that this time was extremely depressing because she couldn’t even tell anyone that her father had just passed away. She was prevented from mourning her loss. They managed to find their way to a Christian shelter in Qingdao, China. There is a heavy Korean population so they went about unnoticed from any authorities. The people at the shelter pulled some strings and managed to get them smuggled out of China cross Mongolia and seek safety in South Korea.

Once Yeonmi and her mother reached South Korea they managed to get jobs as waitresses. Yeonmi is now in Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. She’s pursuing a degree in criminal justice. She is a very avid human rights activist especially affairs involved in North Korea. She was very hesitant at first to speak her story of what happened to her and her family mostly because in North Korea they don’t have careers like counselors so she didn’t even know that she suffered from illnesses like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now that she’s opened up, such as speaking with the Washington Post, she feels more confident. She is glad that Kim Jong Un is spreading such foul propaganda about her. She sees it as she’s doing something right because if it wasn’t true he wouldn’t get so upset. It is her hope that Kim is severely punished for the treatment of his people. She believes that rectifying the two nations back into one whole country will not cause further segregation. She believes that they are all Koreans not Northern or Southern. Her memoir, In Order To Live, has caused quite a stir and even furthered her resolve when it comes to standing up for human rights.