Good News in the UK For International Development and Tech

It turns out that there is good news from the U.K. The U.K. has committed 100 million pounds to help nearly 175,000 of the poorest girls in the world get an education and have some access to technology as well. This money will mostly be spend in Africa, with some funds going to Asia and the Middle East.

This is great news. Sometimes, I think it would be great if the entire world could learn to start finding other ways to satisfy its obsession with technology, the internet, and hyper-connectivity. However, I realize that the rest of the world does not think that way and technology is becoming an increasingly singular way for the world to engage in trade, communication, research and development, and security management. If we want the poorest countries to be able to grow their economies and provide for a stable, healthy future for themselves, we have to be willing to invest in them the technology they need to compete with the entire world and at least have some semblance of the life we hope for our own children.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re in the top of half of wealthiest individuals in the entire world, believe it or not. That’s the case whether you’re reading this in a mansion or a farmhouse. Those of us in countries that have benefited from technology this far have some moral obligation to ensure that other countries can join us in benefiting from technology in the future.