Is an Advanced Tor-Like Platform Forthcoming?

The end of days may soon be arriving for Tor. The anonymous network may soon be replaced. Users may be welcoming the change since Tor may no longer be able to deliver on anonymity.

The question of online security and all the controversies surrounding internet privacy are not likely to go away. For those interested in a highly-private platform, Tor has been the top one to turn to. Tor, however, has been mired with concerns over its ability to support the trafficking of contraband. To determine what is going on, governments have frequently worked at breaking through the firewalls of Tor. Not everyone on Tor is interested in doing illegal things. Many journalists and political activists communicate on Tor in order to avoid the consequences of their secretive actions being discovered.

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) contributed to the development of the platform. Based on assessments from the NRL, pretty much anyone trying to hide on Tor cannot hide forever. A serious attempt at uncovering someone on Tor can lead to success. Doing so may take some time, but the de-cloaking will eventually occur. Needless to say, not too many people who use Tor are thrilled about this reality. Hence, there is enthusiasm about the arrival of a more secretive, harder-to-uncover platform.

There is a devious flipside to the ability to de-cloak Tor. Programmers and security experts eventually discover the vulnerabilities that exist. These vulnerabilities are exploited to break into Tor. Once uncovered, all someone has to do is work on creating a new platform that lacks these vulnerabilities. Those hoping to crack through to the new system must then start all over again.

Whether or not there is serious demand for a new platform that outflanks Tor will factor into how quickly the new platform arrives on the scene. Likely, if a major breach of private Tor information occurs, the demand is going to skyrocket overnight. Being able to effectively develop a Tor-like improved platform is, of course, going to take some time.

Surely, people are hard at work at developing an advanced platform right now. The debut may end up being quicker than many realize. Those hoping to crack the code are probably going to go into overdrive the minute a new platform debuts.