David Giertz Knows How to Grow Revenue

David Giertz is a known financial advisor and industry professional. He was president of the sales and distribution department at Nationwide Financial. He grew it to around a seven billion dollar increase in profits. He also works with financial services such as life insurance and retirement plans, working to distribute them in coordination with banks and firms on soundcloud.com. He has over thirty years in the financial industry. He is also a certified Business Coach from the World Association of Business Coaches. In fact, he has himself certified over one hundred other business coaches. He is an Admired Leadership Institute graduate. He also graduated from the Buckley School of Public Speaking. He participated in Wharton School of Business.

In 2004, David started leading the Financial Institutions Bank channel. Again, here too, he grew its revenue to an increase of around seven billion dollars in profit at https://twitter.com/davidgiertz. He was at Nationwide even before that, since 1999. He worked in the Southeast division, where he grew revenue by 48 percent. This division encompassed seven states and territories. Before Nationwide, he was at Citigroup. There, David started off as a financial advisor, later moving up the ladder to become Vice President of Sales. He also worked at Citicorp. There, David Giertz was Vice President and Investment Area Director. He helped launch the Citibank Investment Services in Florida, which was successful.

He has also been on a number of organizations on linkedin.com. For example, he has worked with Millikin University, where he donates money for scholarships and where he sits on the board of trustees. He got his own BS from Millikin University, and he has an MBA from the University of Miami. He was also on the board of directors for Insured Retirement Institute. David Giertz was chair of the diversity committee for Bank Insurance and Securities Association. He was arbitrator at FINRA.