Problems with iOS 9.3.3 acknowledged by Apple

In the past month, what was believed to be the last version of iOS 9 was released in the form of iOS 9.3.3. After many complaints were filed about a particularly persistent problem with opening iBooks, Apple has publicly addressed the issue and identified it as a freak accident caused by unfortunate timing.

According to Apple’s explanation, the issue preventing users from being able to open iBooks properly was due to an abrupt hiccup in the server that simultaneously occurred with the release of iOS 9.3.3. Since recognizing the unfortunate coordination of the two events, Apple has taken restorative measures. Apple has stated that any users who were concerned about the safety of their content files should be assured that there was never anything to be worried about due to iCloud storage.

While many were placated by Apple’s response to the issue, there are just as many who remain skeptical as to whether or not the claim is simply damage control. Nevertheless, most of the outrage surrounding trouble with iBooks has settled down, and there haven’t been any new complaints about iOS 9.3.3 submitted to any of Apple’s platforms used for addressing customer grievances. Due to the fact that IOS 9.3.3 will be the final update released for iPhones and iPads that predate the iPhone 5, Apple’s responsiveness to the issue has averted what might’ve been a very sour farewell to many of its older products.