Brian Bonar: Creative & Managerial Superstar at Truecept

Brain Bonar definitely has an impressive resume. He is currently a financial executive for Truecept Incorporated, and one can certainly see why. One reason is due to the education he acquired.

He has earn a bachelors degree from James Watt Technical College majoring in Technical Engineering. He then received a masters degree from Stafford University in mechanical engineering. With his technical background, he has knowledge on building a business structure that works well.

His impressive resume also include years of experience that he has gained from previous companies he worked for. Brian Bonar has acquired an extensive background in business and finance. For one, he was a procurement manager for IBM, and then he managed over 100 people for QMS as the director of engineering.

Afterwards, he became a sales manager for Adaptec. And once he has retrieved some great work experience, he decided to begin his own company called Bezier Systems. And lastly, he worked as a business leader for Dalrada Financial Corporation in which he was revered as a great asset before he earned his current position at Trucept.

With his education, expertise, and years of experience, he has really made a great mark for the different companies he worked for. He is a very successful and popular financial executive.

And as result, he’s now an expert in mergers and acquisitions, in establishing different business design development, in technical engineering, collective knowledge in site and building design, contract administration, procurement, and land use approvals.

Bonar works tirelessly in achieving the goals of his clients, project partners, and team members. His portfolio includes K-12 education, multi-family housing, aviation, retail, and commercial projects.

And with all the credentials he has under his belt, his skills and experience, he creates great results in building great teams, great projects, and great client relationships. As a matter of fact, he is so awesome in what he do that he earned a reward n Who’s Who in America in 2000.

As a financial leader at Truecept Incorporated, he is respected among his colleagues as a managerial and creative genius. He can take even the most complex situation, and make miracles.

Truecept Incorporated is an organization that assist in bringing solutions for small and medium companies in regards to assisting in payroll management, human resources administration management, employee benefits, etc. Truecept’s goal is to handle these issues for companies so they can focus on their company’s business aspect.