Cone Marshall Maintains A Top Position Championing Tax Laws And Trust

Since 1999, Cone Marshall has been offering clients in different specialties services aligned to tax laws and trust. The company was formed by two professionals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and over the years, the firm has grown to attain international status despite serving mostly within New Zealand. The firm is headquartered in Auckland and they have a direct contact system available on their website.

Before she joined the firm in 2005, Karen Marshall was serving in London, where she worked for 10 years with a law firm that handled commercial litigation. In 2006, she was appointed as a principle in the company and her input has been impressive to the enhancement of the performance of the firm. Her wide experience in advisory has allowed the firm to handle all kinds of trusts.

On the other hand, Geoffrey Cone has since 1980 offered international tax planning and trust as well as managing services. His experience is a great addition to the company since he comes in with special skills that have been necessary to the advancement of the firm. The two have combined their knowledge and prior experience to form a strong firm that is moving to take over the New Zealand market and dedicated to offering services that reflect the need to maintain the truth and dependability.

Cone Marshall has also contributed to several debates especially ones touching on the increase in foreign trusts within the country. He points out that the strong force witnessed can be attributed to the trust and international recognition that New Zealand has earned over the years. He also foresees further growth of the industry and his call has been for the reorganization of law firms so they can fully tackle the problems ahead to streamline trust and tax laws.

About Cone Marshall Ltd
For more than one decade, Cone Marshall has established a strong service that is working with international families and advisors. The firm has worked on getting an established system of trusts and partnerships within New Zealand, something that is also enhancing the provision of globally viable wealth planning.

Cone Marshall works with attorneys, private banks, family advisors and other institutions that are located beyond the borders of New Zealand by offering them assistance during the planning process for their clients. Cone Marshall has established a strong service that has been ensuring all parties are catered for as required by the law.

Former Sands Brothers’ Clients are Worried that the Firm may Avoid Awards

A year ago, Attorney Brian McDonough won over half a million dollars for a client (investor) in a verdict against Sands Brothers & Co, a renowned brokerage firm. However, his opponent hinted to him that chances of his client getting the whole amount of the award were slim. According to McDonough who works with the New York-based Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, his opponent told him that the only way he could recover the full amount of the award is to accept an extremely discounted settlement offer. The opponent claimed that there were many unresolved arbitrations against Sand Brothers, and it will be impossible to pay all of them, in case their race to seek payment became successful.

McDonough declined the discounted settlement deal. After several months of appeals filed by the Sands Brothers & Co, his client received the entire $664,217 secured during the arbitration. The main concerns of former investors are that Sands Brother & Co may transfer assets to other prominent broker-dealers such as Laidlaw & Company. (UK) Ltd (boasts untarnished regulatory record) to evade paying the awards.

Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a globally recognized full-service investment banking that offers exceptional investment advice and proficient execution to wealthy individual investors, private and public institutions. The company is expanding its operations to Europe and the United States. It boasts more than 150 employees who operate under double FINRA registration and FCA authorization, enabling the company to forge new relationships, venture into new businesses, and avail services to new customers.

Laidlaw & Company has an experienced sales force that helps emerging firms to raise capital quickly. That way, corporate clients can access enough capital to drive the growth of their business. The company encourages creativity when it comes to developing and distributing financial solutions. At the top of Laidlaw’s leadership, is Mathew Eitner who serves as the CEO. He became a senior employee of the firm in 2010 and he was promoted to the CEO in 2011. James Ahem leads the Capital Markets division and doubles as the Managing Partner.

Lawyers in Brazil Achieving Litigation Milestones

Brazil as a country is endowed with myriads of law schools which have enabled it to produce quality lawyers. In addition to that, it ranks third among the countries with the most lawyers after the US and India respectively. In order to assure quality from the several law schools, the lawyers in Brazil are put through a thorough training exercise and for one to practice, they have to be approved via a mandatory Brazilian Bar Examination. Over 800 thousand legitimate lawyers now practicing in the country have gone through the system. One of such people is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Mr. Ricardo is a renowned legal figure in the Brazilian legislation that runs a comprehensive law firm in the region, Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados. He has seen several young lawyers climb the corporate ladder as fully fledged legal practitioners. Tosto has provided unmatched legal advice to the government, organizations, and individuals. Starting his career from just a single office to owning one of the largest law firms in Brazil has been a significant achievement for Ricardo. Mr. Tosto had his education at the Mackenzie University from where he received a degree in law upon graduation. He also attended the Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado where he studied business administration. The skills from these schools have been of great help to him in his career as a lawyer and a legal strategist.

Ricardo Tosto has made some crucial legal policies that are being used today by lawyers from different law firms to make legal processes. He has been able to withstand the sophisticated and demanding cases from active politicians within the region providing them with the best advice as far as law and politics are concerned. Mr. Tosto is at the forefront of improving the economic status of his law firm and their programs aimed at caring for clients. He is often consulted by partners as well as interns in the company who feel that he has most of the answers to legal questions. Some of the milestones he has achieved in his career include being appointed the chairperson of the BAR association, associating with Centre of Studies Law Firms as an executive board member and an advisor to the legal department of the Network Group to name a few.

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