Ricardo Tosto is at Your Service

Brazil has many law schools that produce a good number of lawyers each year. It is ranked third in a report that seeks to determine the number of licensed lawyers in each country. There are more than one million professional lawyers in Brazil ready to attend to the legal needs of its 200 million population.

This enormous number of lawyers can be explained more clearly with the number of law schools in the country. It currently has more law schools than any other country in the world. Every institution is carefully vetted by professional bodies to ensure that they offer quality education to aspiring lawyers. All these law schools train students to handle a wide variety of legal problems experienced in the country with expertise and professionalism.

To ensure quality, the government through the ministry of education constantly monitors the progress of 1200 law programs offered in Brazilian law schools.

One of the individuals that represents Brazilian law with utmost respect and professionalism is Ricardo Tosto de Olivera Carvalho. His career started in a small law firm where he slowly blossomed to become one of the most successful lawyers with vast experience in corporate litigation. He has his own law firm, which is currently among the largest in Brazil.

Ricardo has an impressive track record as a licensed lawyer. He has come to the aid of many people from different backgrounds and ages. He has also been instrumental in successful legal litigation cases that affect companies and large corporations including the government of Brazil. Politicians from different origins and different ideologies are among his large pool of happy customers.

Besides practicing law, Ricardo is an active participant in initiatives that seek to counteract the dynamism in the legal profession. He is a pioneer of many legal mechanisms that are used nowadays in the country’s legal community. He has been a mentor to many and a leader to his firm.

Ricardo is a graduate of Mackenzie-SP with a degree in Law. He is a former legal superintendent of Alusa Group. When he is free, he writes articles and books on Brazilian newspapers and magazines.