Meet Lily

Are you more concerned with getting the perfect shot than with flying a quad copter? Then the perfect drone is here. The 10in, by 3in, 2.8lb drones flown camera, Lily, can be pulled from any wrist or backpack with its small GPS and subject tracking driven ‘watch’. All you have to do is toss the Lily into the air and the drone’s propellers kick on, flying it, no pitch or yaw to worry about. The body is completely sealed so it can fly in the snow, rain or even take off from water according to Ivan Ong on the WarriorForum. Though under water is not recommended, it is possible. Once Lily has you in its sights it can be programmed to hover in place, circle, or follow you. There’s even a mobile app to let you remotely program the drone. This 12 megapixel 1080p camera will run at $999.00, and will be shipping out next spring.