The Ten Top Reasons the Millennial Set is Carrying Billy McFarland’s Sensational Black Magnises Card

The Millennial business dynamic has embraced the sensational Black Magnises Card by leaps and bounds. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland, creator of the Magnises card, has invented a product which provides the Millennial with easy access to the New York clubs, with no need to wait and allows its user with a way to enjoy New York’s best eating and pub venues, at a discount.

Other amenities include private concerts, events hosted at the company’s Penthouse location, and other socially fun and resourceful activities.

So what are the best reasons to carry a Magnises card? Ten good reasons, for the Millennial to carry McFarland’s Magnises card are indicated below:

1) The card offers its user easy access to the foremost city clubs;

2) It provides the member with terrific discounts when visiting some of the city’s best restaurants and pubs;

3) A convenient app makes it possible for the member to select his or her activity and receive a discount;

4) The company is partnered with some of the city’s most well-known and popular venues;

5) The member is able to make use of the company’s home-based penthouse, in order to hold day meetings;

6) Special, private events are provided to the Magnises member-base;

7) Members are able to easily network with other up-and-coming, professional Millennials;

8) Special hosted Magnises’s events include evening cocktail parties, and late night DJ sets, at the company’s Penthouse location;

9) The fee of an annual membership–$250–pays for itself–ten times over; and,

10) The card can be easily linked to the member’s bank card or credit card, in order to pay for purchases.

The Magnises card, created by Billy McFarland, is one card the Millennial, inside of the New York city area will wish to carry.

Magnises is the New Place to Be

At the tender age of 23, Billy Mcfarland is the architect behind the new platform connecting millions of millennials. Magnises is a club. It is a very exclusive club. The only way to get in is to become the proud owner of a Magnises Card.

What does a Magnises Card do for you? It does pretty much anything you could ask of a metal card. The Magnises Card can be used as a form of payment and can be tied to your bank account.

Additionally, Magnises members get exclusive invites to members-only events and are eligible for a variety of discounts. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and getaways are among the luxurious discounts offered to Magnises members.

Can I join the Magnises Club? The first rule of Magnises Club is: you may talk about Magnises Club. The second rule of Magnises Club is: you may apply online. If you are 21 thru 35 years of age and work in finance, fashion, technology, or industry similar to those, then you may be eligible to join. Once you submit your online application, all you have to do is await your approval from the Magnises staff.

If you work for a company that Magnises desires to do business with, then your chances will be considerably higher of obtaining membership to the club. Billy is building a “real-life” social media platform. He is using the same concepts that attract those to social media platforms and using them in real-world applications. This is genius, in my opinion.

Marketing to millennials in a way they understand. Billy is looking for those willing to be heavily engaged and wish to be a part of his business rather than a partner. Billy’s Magnises Club and Card have a chance to really take off.

I am off to fill out my application now. You can too. Click here to follow me and apply to be a part of the first, real-world social media platform.