Kid from “Success Kid” Meme is Looking to Fund a Kidney Transplant for his Father

Sammy Griner is an 8-year-old boy and probably best known as the internet meme “Success Kid”. The picture is of an 11-month-old Sammy trying to eat sand with a clenched fist, however the look on his face is triumphant and it seems his fist is clenched victoriously.

Sammy is now using his internet fame to help his ailing father. According to the story on The Metro, 39-year-old Justin Griner is in need of a donor kidney and the funds for the transplant. Currently Justin is on dialysis and has been for six years. He spends around 12 hours a week in the clinic hooked up to machines which can eventually develop complications. So far, no friends or family members have been a match for a donor kidney and a person could be on the waiting list for up to five years.

The Griners are hoping that making the story public will help Justin find the life-saving kidney he needs as well as help the cost of the transplant. The Florida-based family are hoping to raise $75,000 through the help of their GoFundMe page. Justin’s mother had died from the same disease and the family is hoping that they do not lose Justin the same way.