Snapchat, Sunglasses, and the Coming of Snap, Inc.

Snapchat is another in a long line of image messaging and multimedia apps that have become popular among scores of users. With so many messaging apps and social media sites out there, it can be quite difficult to remain relevant and popular. Even the hottest apps can end up running cold once something new is developed. Snapchat positively does not want to become old hat in the technology landscape. The development of a new pair of interactive sunglasses and a bit of rebranding are part of a plan to keep the app alive.

The company is renaming itself Snap, Inc. Like many other successful apps, the company behind the app ends up expanding into other projects. Snapchat refers to the original messenger, but does not indicate the company is involved with anything else. The “Inc.” part of Snap, Inc. suggests the company is heavily involved with various other projects. Companies that give off the impression of growing definitely improve their standing in the fast-moving tech world. Snap, Inc. is not just giving off “impressions” of forward progress. The company really is involved with many new endeavors and continues to make a splash in the industry.

The arrival of the new $130 sunglasses shows the innovative nature of Snap, Inc. The sunglasses are not just props released by the company to display a logo and help with promotions. The sunglasses have a recording device built inside of them. The obvious purpose of the sunglasses is to record images. The images are then displayed via the multimedia functions on the Snapchat app.

Certainly, there are many common ways to record and image and upload the content onto a messenger. A smartphone camera surely is capable of doing the job. A GoPro camera definitely presents a reliable POV perspective. Creating the image is not the only reason behind the creation of the sunglasses. The sunglasses also seek to generate a buzz about Snap, Inc. A good buzz is definitely going to be beneficial to any established company looking to shake up its images.

Snapchat is soon to be swallowed up whole by Snap, Inc. and this is a very good thing. The expanding Snap, Inc. may eventually become one of the biggest – and most popular – players in the tech world.