Apple Opposes Rifle Emojis During Unicode Conference

Apple is credited with making a bold move in a recent meeting that was held by Unicode, which is an entity that essentially oversees text standards in computer technology. In recent years, emojis or emoticons have explored in popularity among smartphone users. Perhaps the classic yellow smiley face is the most prominent emoji in the world, but there is an array of other types out there that are integrated into instant messaging systems and SMS platforms. For instance, a rifle emoji certainly is unique and has plenty of appeal to a certain group of people worldwide. However, Apple representatives used their influence to remove a rifle emoji from publication by Unicode. The company clearly explained that it would not integrate such an icon into any of the iOS platforms for iPhones and iPads.

It’s also believed that Google and Microsoft strongly rallied behind Apple on this particular issue during the Unicode conference. Although the details of the discussions have not been disclosed, there’s good reason to assume that such technology giants have certainly taken assertive measures in eliminating the rifle emoji and other controversial icons from the latest Unicode database. It seems that Unicode is once again finding itself entangled in a political issue involving references to gun control. However, this consortium had already publishes a bunch of emojis featuring firearms with specific references for the 2016 Olympics. Some people say there is nothing wrong with celebrating the shooting sport, which tests the marksmanship of professionals from all over the world.