Mobile Carriers and Throttling

There is all this talk about unlimited data. While the data is unlimited, the mobile carrier does practices after a certain amount of data is used. On average it is between 2 and 5 GB of data. In many cases, the first 5 GB of data is 4G LTE speed. Once that limit is reached, the internet service is slowed down to slower speeds. For the rest of the month, the user has access to internet at 2G speed. Which is significantly slower than the first 5GB. However, some of the simpler sites can still be accessed with speed.

However, there are some companies that are working on getting rid of unlimited data plans. Among these companies are Verizon wireless and AT&T. Their reasoning behind getting rid of unlimited data plans range from data congestion to people not using unlimited data to begin with. Verizon has gotten rid of their unlimited data plans, but have grandfathered the users that still use the plan. However, they are raising the price of data service and trying to get people to drop the plans and switch to another type of service.

Mobile carriers that are still offering unlimited data plans are Sprint, and T Mobile. Therefore, people can take part in the plans that are offered by companies in the Sprint networks, While the network does slow down data, it is better than having no internet service. This is one of these times of change in the mobile carrier industry. Hopefully, there will be a solution that will benefit everyone when it comes to internet services.