A Modeling Job to Pay for College Becomes Brown Modeling Agency

Modeling is something that a person is already the type or they are not. Modeling is not something that everyone who wants to model, can. Models average about 5’9″ to 6’0,” are between the ages of 14 and 20, and have perfect skin. Most of them are usually discovered and don’t need to read about how to become a model. On the other hand, for those young women out there who fit the requirements but have not been discovered yet, there are some tips. Models are discovered in schoolyards, playing fields, and youth clubs by talent scouts who roam around trying to find fresh faces. It does not hurt to get some professional photos made and send them off to one of the top modeling agencies in New York , N Y or Paris, France. These addresses can be found online. It helps to have a strong character and not be too shy and awkward. It also helps if the young lady is not shy about having her picture taken or being a bit of an exhibitionist.

Justin Brown (agency founder) was a former male model when he was still in college. Originally, he modeled to be able to pay the tuition for his college education. After studying business management in college, he decided to study what went on behind the camera at the modeling agencies. Brown started to train neophyte models to act professionally. Eventually, he decided to open his own modeling agency. Brown Modeling Agency, located in Austin, Texas, was founded back in 2010 after Justin Brown left JB Entertainment. Brown Modeling Agency, formerly Wilhelmina Austin, is part of a collection of Brown family organizations that include JB Entertainment, Texas Acting and Modeling Academy, and JB Models and Talent. Brown Modeling Agency is one of the most respected agencies in the entire state of Texas. Many of Brown’s models break the rule about being under 21 and at least 5’9″ tall. The shortest models are 5’2″. Allison Faust is one of the few mature models at Brown Modeling Agency with salt and pepper colored hair and standing at 5’4″ tall.

Justin Brown was born in Reno, Nevada in 1980 but grew up in Susanville, California. He was a shy kid who always followed orders. In just five years, The Brown Modeling Agency has a clientele of more than 450 models. The models at this agency can have body piercings and tattoos. Many of the models have none of these qualities; they are very casual and seem carefree. The models don’t just pose and look pretty, they have appeared in ads for many companies including Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Dell, L’Oreal, and others.

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