Brown Modeling Agency, A Fresh Approach

Brown Modeling Agency portrays a younger crowd full of life, pursuing and enjoying the moment. Their look is reminiscent of chic and preppy, almost athletic. The models are in tune with the current trends and tastes, ready to party and make the most of the evening. Their bodies are toned,lean and in healthy shape.
The Brown Agency promotes a sense of belonging and team mentality showing the models celebrating together and enjoying the camaraderie. They are able to showcase a variety of swimsuit styles that can compliment a sculpted and well-maintained body type. The overall picture presented by the Brown Modeling Agency is fresh, trendy, and vibrant young men and women.
The Agency made it’s debut in 2015 based out of Texas brings an updated and new look to the world of modeling. Their models have proudly represented such world renowned brands as; Dell, Louis Vuitton, and Toyota. The Brown Modeling Agency is not limited to fashion shoots and is anything but cookie cutter. As an offshoot project from Wilhelmina Brown talent, the Brown Agency is involved in a variety of talent genres. Their stunning models grace the sets of television(commercials, extras, etc.), runways shows, and print fashion and ads.

The models they are seeking depends on what kind of audience they are looking to reach. The agency has a need for many different body types and looks. They also hire and represent men, woman, and children to utilize their talents in all of the genres they fill.

A quick look at the career path of the Brown Modeling Agency’s founder and president, Justin Brown shows that he is a man who knows the ins and outs of modeling, along with where to best harness his passion. He began humbly enough in Southern California gaining experience working for many different agencies and gaining valuable knowledge of modeling and using the best techniques to showcase models talents. He brought all that intellect with him to Austin, Texas making his mark while owning his own development business and flourishing from there to opening JB Models and Talent and now to the most recent project, Brown Model Agency.