Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley Ski Helps Community and Veterans

Lake Tahoe is the gem of California and Nevada. Situated between the two states in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it’s the kind of place everyone wants to visit.

And Andy Wirth wants to keep it that way by making the facilities and public services even better for everyone. The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski doesn’t just run a tourist resort, but also puts his energies into something he calls the “Wounded Warrior” project.


After suffering a nearly-fatal accident when skydiving, he was determined to do something for veterans. He set his sights on co-founding an Ironman team that helps raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation. This impeccable organization helps support Navy SEAL members and their families once they return home.

As far as Andy Wirth’s focus on Placer County and Lake Tahoe, he has had his focus on transit issues lately. He wants to lead the way in providing better mass-transit for all people to make the traffic situation better, which gets really crowded during prime seasons in the area.

According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth understands the importance of his resort in being a worldwide tourist destination. He wants the area to continue to be a great place to live for people of all ages. Andy Wirth has noted that his redevelopment plan which he has proposed is not what is making the traffic bad. The issue has been apparent for a while now.

In fact, his plan to develop the resort further has already met success in the early stages of the county board of supervisors. Now, it will go to the next step where another committee will review it. Some feel that the expansion should not be approved, due to already heavy traffic in Lake Tahoe.

But there are other issues that make it difficult for the community to handle the proposals. While Andy Wirth’s plan is good for the area, there are other land-use plans that must be evaluated this fall.

For this reason, many other plans are being held up. Wirth has confirmed that he is still dedicated to doing whatever it takes to see the plan, and the improvement of the community, go through.

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