Firefox To Support Netflix

Firefox 49 is currently in development. Among the most recent news is that Firefox is able to support the Content Decryption Module from Google. This makes it possible for people to be able to watch Netflix. In other words, people will be able to watch some of their favorite shows and movies as well as some exclusives on one of the most famous and successful streaming services. People who have devices that use the Linux operating system will be able to enjoy the streaming service. This is not only good news for Firefox users, but also for Netflix in that they will get more subscribers.

These days, streaming is all the rage. Streaming is how people get to watch some of their favorite videos and other forms of media. Streaming has come a long way since the days of Real Player when people had to watch lower resolution videos with choppy motion and a constant need to buffer. While streaming services still have the buffering problem, the quality and presentation has vastly improved. People can watch their favorite shows in high definition from any device. They don’t have to buy a DVD or watch it on TV. Also, they could watch full length movies now, compared to the time when one had to settle for two minute clips. The online based streaming services could also be integrated to TV for full viewing enjoyment.

However, the ability to stream Netflix might not happen right away. As usual, there may be some bugs to work out with the new Firefox. However, there is the ability to play Netflix if one is able to manipulate the agent to Google Chrome so that it is possible to watch the shows on Netflix. However, either sooner or later, Chrome users will be able to enjoy the streaming services as well as the content that is offered by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video. With the advent of devices like smartphones and tablets, streaming has quickly become the way to watch media.