Richard Mishaan: An Interior Designer With A Love For Vintage

Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who is known for putting together some of the most lavish and beautiful looking homes. He is known for his ability to pay an incredibly intense amount of detail to everything that he does to make his houses look as nice as they are. Richard Mishaan is mainly known for his beautiful blend of vintage designs and modern art, to give his clients some of the most exquisite designs for their homes.


With the growth of the real estate industry, the need for interior designers is on the rise. People don’t just want their homes to contain the necessities, but want their homes to be a statement in itself and reflect their personalities. Interior designers like Richard Mishaan know exactly how to gauge a client’s interest to decide exactly what kind of homes they are looking out for.


Richard Mishaan is known to have an incredible amount of experience working with different types of homes. He is known to be an extremely distinguished member of the interior design world and offers his clients a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to working on their homes. Because of all this experience that Richard Mishaan has gained through the years, he decided that it was time to put all of it into a book that would explain the do’s and don’ts of interior design. The book instantly became a huge success which leads to him coming out with subsequent publications.


Like all artists, Richard Mishaan too has a style which stays true to what he likes and the person he is. He is known for mixing the old and the new, to give his clients something that gives them a home which they would love. By merging vintage with modern art, Richard Mishaan has come out with interior designs that are truly exceptional, beyond expectations. He likes working with pieces and spaces that have an incredibly rich heritage, which he uses as an influence for the work he does around his spaces. His ultimate goal is to be able to create interiors that last a lifetime.




Arthur Becker Invests in New Properties

Well known tech investor Arthur Becker has looked to expand his portfolio in real estate. In order to accomplish this objective, Becker recently purchased three townhouses in the SoHo District. With this real estate investment deal, he will have possession of a few properties that he can use to hold and rent out. For a number of years, Becker has been known to be a backer of New York City real estate in which he has been quite active in real estate investing. His new acquisitions in the SoHo District will give him yet another group of properties to help increase the size of his overall investment portfolio.

According to a number of recent reports, Arthur Becker has invested up to $20 million in this recent real estate project. This amount of money was used in order to acquire the properties which will hopefully give Becker a high return once he is looking to sell them. With the investment of these three townhomes, Becker will be able to control property in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City. The properties will give him a prestigious residential location as well as providing him with properties that will appeal to many who wish to be residents of the SoHo District.

The acquisition of the three townhomes in the SoHo District will give Becker three properties that he can profit from both in the present and the future. He plans to live in one of these properties as his personal residence. Along with living in one of the townhomes, Becker is also looking to lease the other two to tenants. As a result, he will have a way to make a considerable income while he owns the properties.

After a number of years, Becker may look to sell the properties and make multi million dollar profits. Therefore, these townhomes will likely give him one of the better investments he has made in recent years. Arthur Becker’s ability to purchase prime real estate in New York City is largely due to his vast fortune from technology investing. He has spent a number of years in investing in technology companies. Becker then used his extra funds to buy up property and create a considerable investment portfolio for himself.