Amazon’s NES Classic Edition sells out in a few minutes

Amazon had highly hyped the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. When it was released, it lasted only a few moments before it sold out and future stock was no longer available. Many gamers waited patiently at the set release time but came out empty handed. Amazon later twitted that the sold out was just an error on their page. It stated that the listings at their NES Classic Edition was a simple white error with the page. Other users noted that they added the console to their cart but went out without the product.


Amazon moved to become an object of hate in the way it handled the whole situation. In the recent past, the company was out to sell one of its other products through an ad infinitum. The product showed a purchase option but was unluckily an error. Accessing Amazon through the official Amazon app with the one-click buy option also indicated many mistakes.


While it is not clear the number of stock that Amazon had for the Nintendo,, their tweet may show that the number was not quite high. The online sales giant had warned many people that their stocks may not be as much as they expected. It had released information stating that the first phase of the product is going to be low. However, the excuse does not mean that the company should offer poor services. Consumers that did not find the product may have to wait after the New Year.


If you are interested in the NES Classic and wanted to grab one for yourself, you may start checking at local big stores. However, this is not a sure bet as you do not know if the product is going to be available anytime soon. The Nintendo comes with an aesthetic game selection. The popularity of the product has made it impossible for everyone that wants the product to purchase it.


The sales report show that hundreds of buyers sat at the product page waiting for a chance to buy the product. The traffic on that page on that went very high. The page went down by itself, or it was either Amazon that decided to shut it down. Considering the resources that Amazon has, a close down on one of its pages shows that it was quite an amazing deal.