Banning The Deep Web

As the power of computing is becoming greater and more accessible, the ability for access to the web has become easier. However, this increased access has also created another problem which is the availability of illicit goods and services on the web section referred to as the deep web. Access to The Deep Web May Not Be Safe For All While there has always been a rabbit hole that has been illegal or illicit for individuals, especially youth to explore, the deep web has become the location of numerous illicit cites including severe violence as well as explicit illegal sexual sites which exploit children and young adults. Drugs and weapons can be purchased on the deep web as well as stolen credit cards and Paypal accounts and even counterfeit currency. The availability of these items are one matter but the access to the cite is another. Attempts to shut down the deep web have been met with Constitutional arguments regarding free expression and freedom of speech. The means to limit youth access to the deep web have been left primarily with the parents. The problem is that some parents may not even know the extent of the deep web and may not realize that their children are even accessing the such sites. Laws are only effective with regard to specific content which can be deemed illegal to possess. However, NexPointAdvisors and James Dondero are hopeful that the vast majority of the deep web will remain open and available.