Stephen P. Murray Was An Amazing Inspiration

The world of business is not always a place that lends itself to offering friendship. It can be very hard to shed the air of competitiveness that is part of being in business and make true friends. I know that I have often felt this way. This is why I was so sad when I learned of the passing of Stephen P. Murray.

Murray was of those rare people who offered something you don’t always see in the world of business. He was someone who was able to transcend the boundaries that often get created because we can be all so competitive and become someone who was known for his many friendships.

Learning About Business

When I was a young kid, all too many years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. My dad suggested that I follow in his footsteps so I did. I went to college where I majored in economics. After graduating, I was accepted to Columbia for a business master’s degree.

It was there that I met Stephen Murray. Like me, he was considering all kinds of business ideas. We both thought about what kind of business venture would make us happy. At every turn, he made it clear that he would support me no matter what choices I chose to make in my life. This is was great as I was a rather insecure adolescent. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Going Different Ways

Stephen Murray quickly realized that his talents lay in working for a large company. He went into banking where I watched as he rose from one position to another. I watched his career closely and keep in touch with him.

While I very much admired his devotion to his field, I knew back then that banking was not going to for me at all. I wanted to open up my own business and choose my own path in life.

Working With Him

As I started my own business, I still kept in touch with Murray. He was happy to offer me advice, particularly about funding.

As Stephen climbed the ladder, ultimately rising to help head one of the most prestigious private equity investors in the country, I sought out his advice about where I could find funding to help keep my business expanding into new markets. He was always there, a true friend with great advice I could rely on in life.

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