Amazon Gives Members a Prime Deal on Smartphones

Amazon announced Wednesday that they will begin to offer discounted unlocked Android phones to members of its Prime service.

Members will get the deals with a catch: the phones will include Amazon-approved apps and ads.

Two smartphone deals are available to Amazon Prime members. The new, fourth generation Motorola Moto G will be sold at a 25-percent discount of $150. The BLU R1 HD can be purchased at $50, 50 percent off the retail price of $100.

The phones’ lock screens will include special offers from Amazon and other marketers. Amazon will also install apps to the phones, including Kindle, IMDB and Amazon Video.

The two subsidized smartphones will be available for shipment on July 12.

“The breakthrough pricing on unlocked smartphones is supported by personalized offers and ads, including deals and product recommendations, displayed on the phone’s lockscreen,” Amazon stated in a release. “When a customer sees an offer, they can tap to learn more about it or simply unlock their phone to dismiss.”

The move by Amazon is seen as an effort by the company to increase smartphone sales after its most recent flop. The Amazon Fire, released in 2014, was rated very poorly and severely discounted before being discontinued in 2015.

The discounts can only be received by Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon provides the service, which gives a range of benefits to its members, for a $99 annual fee.