The Factors Behind YouTube’s Increased Views Over Television

With YouTube officially becoming the most viewed platform, there are a lot of questions regarding the cause of the surge of views. In order to find the answers, one could look at history and technology. When TV was invented, people have watched that over the cinemas. One of the reasons behind that is people have television in their homes. A similar thing can be said about YouTube and television. While people still watch TV in their homes, there are also people that are outside of home for different reasons. While they don’t have regular TV with them, they do have their smartphones, and smartphones have YouTube. Therefore, this is one factor.


The one major factor behind YouTube surpassing television with views is convenience. People are able to watch YouTube even in a desert as long as there is internet access. Then it is important to consider the fact that some people are even watching YouTube on television. When one looks at all of these factors, then it becomes obvious why YouTube is viewed a lot more than television. After all, this is the mobile age. Everything is made to be experienced while on the move. With smartphones becoming one of the main forms of entertainment, it is only fitting that online applications like YouTube would be the most viewed forms of entertainment.


Another major factor behind YouTube’s success is its affordability. All one has to do in order to get YouTube is pay for internet service. He could also use Wi-Fi for free with some carriers. Compared to satellite TV and cable TV, YouTube takes away the need to watch regular TV. This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people are cutting satellite and cable TV service from their household.


One thing is for certain, the old way of watching television has become obsolete. The convenience of having a lot more control over the content that is viewed is something that is very attractive to viewers.

The Diversity Of YouTube Over The Monotony Of Television

It has been reported that YouTube has surpassed television in views during the presidential debate. There are a lot of reasons for it. A lot of the reasons have to do with convenience. For one thing, people may be far from home or anywhere with television. As a result, all they may have is their smartphones that they can use to access content such as the presidential debate. However, there are other reasons that people are using YouTube over television. A lot of these reasons have a lot to do with preference. For one thing, people can keep up with their favorite shows and even the news with YouTube.


However, one major important factor in the preference of YouTube over television is that there is a wide variety of content that one could watch compared to television. In fact, there seems to be an unlimited set of options when it comes to content that one could view. People don’t have to be limited to certain genres of TV shows at certain times. They could also watch video games, reviews, videos that offer advice on many different topics. One thing that makes YouTube innovative is that it merges television with internet. Therefore, people can look up different types of information on topics that interest them.


YouTube also opens up the door for other people to be viewed. People could discover new types of music and entertainment that could’ve been left out by mainstream entertainment. There are many users that upload classic songs and remixes of classics of songs. There are also re-edits of films that are really interesting. People know that they would never be able to get that with television. This is one of the many reasons that television is losing a bit of its audience to YouTube. In fact, YouTube and streaming technology has become so advanced and convenient that studios are releasing films to digital HD before blu-ray. YouTube is one of the channels that are releasing these films.

YouTube Goes Where TV Doesn’t

One thing that could be said about YouTube is that it pushes the limits of what people can do for entertainment. For one thing, it takes people far beyond television. YouTube could be used for almost anything. YouTube can be used for watching TV movies, and listening to music. While people may say that television could do that as well, it can’t do that to the same extent that YouTube could. This provides people with a freedom that that goes beyond what they imagined with television. In fact, YouTube is like a cross between television and home media in some ways.


One of the advantages that YouTube has over television is that it can allow people to find some obscure shows from their childhood. They could also listen to songs that they have not heard in a long time. YouTube is one good way to satisfy someone’s nostalgia. Therefore, YouTube not only outdoes TV, but it also outdoes radio as well. One of the reasons behind this is that it allows people a lot of control over the content that they view. This goes beyond channel surfing. They could actually choose what show plays at any time.


Another good thing about YouTube is the sound. For people with the right sound card in their device, they can actually enjoy good sound when hooked up with either a good speaker system or a good pair of headphones to their device. This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of YouTube. It is the type of entertainment that people could take with them if they have a portable device that allows them to watch it. For one thing, they just need internet connection in which they can get with Wi-Fi if they don’t have their own service. Therefore, they could watch anything like the presidential debates.


YouTube has proven to be a highly innovative invention for people that are passionate about entertainment. For this reason, it is becoming the ultimate source for entertainment.

YouTube Winning Viewers From Television

YouTube is winning a lot of viewers from television. One does not need to look very much at the platform to understand why it is taking away viewers from television. While television does offer shows and news, YouTube offers much of the same and even more. Not only do people get to watch professional content, they also get to watch content that has been uploaded by users. They have a wide variety of content that they can look at from professional productions to simple videos with the user talking to the viewer about different topics. Often times, users have way too much content to choose from.


Another advantage that YouTube has over television is the ability of people to be able to connect with one another over the content. One thing people like to do while watching content is to discuss the different aspects of the content. Often times, people are also able to get into contact with the creator of the content and actually connect with him. This not only brings a lot of diversity to the uses of YouTube, but also gives it a more personal touch. One thing that people want is to be able to actually share their experiences with others. Which is one of the reasons people go to movie theaters to watch movies.


Entertainment was always best as a shared experience. Therefore, people are going to get as much out of their entertainment as possible. This could include gauging other people’s reactions as well as listening to various insights about the content that has been presented to them. YouTube also challenges and encourages people to come up with some new content that is not a repeat of what is already available. People can take existing franchises and put new interpretations of the content that often surpasses theatrical productions when it comes to the overall story quality. Even some users release content that exceeds Hollywood productions in visual effects and style. When looking at all of these factors, it is no wonder why YouTube has surpassed TV in views

The Advantages of YouTube And Streaming Over Regular Television

Before YouTube, people had to watch shows on their TV set. Then YouTube came in which allowed people to upload different videos. It eventually grew into a platform that changed the way people enjoyed their media. Now, people often watch TV spots, trailers, and other types of advertising on YouTube exclusively. People will also enjoy some of their favorite shows on YouTube over television. There are plenty of reasons why this innovative piece of online software has outdone TV. It is also continuing to outdo television in other ways as technology advances. The concept of YouTube has proven to be so successful that other entertainment companies are following suit with this model.

YouTube is based on the concept and technology of streaming. Streaming makes it possible for people to enjoy content almost immediately without the need of downloading it onto a hard drive. While streaming is still relatively new, it has caught up to broadcast television in terms of quality. As a matter of fact, streaming technology now rivals other forms of television. This is why people watch shows on Netflix and Hulu through their TV screen. There is no noticeable difference between the quality they get from streaming and satellite TV.

Another aspect of streaming is the conveniences that come with it. For one thing, people will be able to watch their shows at anytime they want. They don’t have to wait for it to come on. Also, the fact that the content is always available once it is released allows people to access it at anytime. In other words, there is no need to wait for an indefinite amount of time for the episode that one missed to come back on again. There is no need to wait a week for the show to come back on in order to enjoy the show. Also, if one has enjoyed a particular episode, he could watch that episode again. The viewer could also look at some of his favorite clips from the show with YouTube.

YouTube Outdoes TV In Presidential Debate Views

Supposedly it was just a matter of time before YouTube surpasses television in views. YouTube has quickly grown in popularity as more people discovered this type of online software. Even from the beginning, people have gotten to see the advantage of streaming videos. However, it was when it was sold to Google that it has started to grow and expand in many different ways. There have come to be plenty of different channels and even shows released on YouTube that would have never seen the light of day. Then technological advancements have made it so that the videos that were shown on YouTube played virtually as smooth as on other media.

YouTube has already been passing up TV for a few years when the presidential debate was on. Reports have shown that more people were watching the debates from their computer or mobile device than on their television sets. There are plenty of reasons for this development. One of the reasons is that YouTube allows people to watch almost any show they want from YouTube. Plus, there is the ability to interact with the creators of the video. This is something that television did not allow. Another feature of YouTube is that it gives people that ability to connect with others who are watching the video while getting their opinions.

Television has reported only 64 million people watching the debate on that medium with YouTube bringing in 124 million views. This shows how powerful YouTube actually is. Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of YouTube is the ability for the user to upload his own videos. However, in order for one to get views, one is going to have to engage in a lot of marketing so that he can not only get views, but also increase his chances of going viral.

One thing that should be considered is that YouTube and television counts its views differently. Either way, YouTube is turning out to be a viable alternative to television.